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Ladies and Gentlemen; dear Publishers:

In the time since its conception SLOVIO has become the standard language of international communication in Central and Eastern Europe, in Central Asia and in the Slavic speaking regions around the World. With this simple, logical, easy-to-learn language one can achieve the immediate communication with over four hundred million people around the World.

We are looking for publishers who want to be the first ones in their respective countries to introduce SLOVIO to the public, to publish SLOVIO textbooks and to organize SLOVIO language courses. With opening of the European borders to business, trade and tourism this is a huge new market. SLOVIO is a simple language which one can easily master and put to an immediate use for business, education, trade, as well as for personal use. Speaking and understanding of the languages of the Slavic speaking regions is the key to success. One doesn't have to learn a dozen languages anymore. By learning SLOVIO, one can understand all.

We are now doing publisher selection, to select leading, quality publishing houses in all countries of the World, to be the first ones to break this huge market in their respective countries. Please submit your application to the above e-mail address. Thank you.


Mark Hucko
author and creator