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Slovknig  Dictionary
Medialju tekstis.  Mutli-Media presentations
On the left side of the following table is an online SLOVIO dictionary.
To find a talking dictionary in youryoutube-icon language and to find various video-tutorials go to our channel on youtube: To download the complete Slovio dictionary in a zipped tabular form click here: Dictionary

On the right side of the following table are various talking dictionaries of the most common 800 words.


1 /1000 billion billions zepto-tink
1 /billion nano-tink
1 /billion billions ato-tink
1 /million mikro-tink
1 /million billion billions jokto-tink
1 /million billions femto-tink
1 /thousand billion piko-tink
1000 billion billions zeta-lion
24-hour 24-cxasju
3D tri-razmer-ju
a mal
a drink pit-ok
a few ne-skolk
a few days ago pred neskolk den
a little mal
a lot mnog 
a lot of mnog-uo
a moment ago pred hvila
a number of neskolk
a while ago pred hvila
A.I.D.S. imun-bolez
abacus abak
abandon o-samot-it
abandoned o-samot-ilju
abandonment o-samot-enie
abandonments o-samot-enie-s
abate mensx-it
abating mensx-itsju
abbreviate so-krat-it
abbreviation so-krat-enie
abbreviations so-krat-enie-s
abdicate ot-stup-it
abdication ot-stup-enie
abdications ot-stup-enie-s
abduct po-hit-it
abducted po-hit-ilju
abductee po-hit-ilnik
abductees po-hit-ilnik-is
abducting po-hit-enie
abduction po-hit-enie
abductions po-hit-enie-s
abductor po-hit-itel
abductors po-hit-itel-is
abet podstreka-t
abetment podstreka-nie
abetted podstreka-lju
abettor podstreka-tel
abettors podstreka-tel-is
abhorrence ot-vrat-enie
abhorrent ot-vrat-ju
abhorrently ot-vrat-uo
abide znos-it
Abidjan Abigxan
abilities sposob-ost
ability sposob-ost
ability to defend itself obrona-sposob-ost
Abkhazia Abhaz-ia
Abkhazian Abhaz-ju
able sposob-ju
abnormal bez-normal-ju
abnormality bez-normal-ost
abnormally bez-normal-uo
aboard na palub
abode dom
abodes dom-is
abominable groza-ju
aboriginal orig-nik-ju
aboriginal inhabitant pra-obitat-el
aboriginal inhabitants pra-obitat-el-is
Aborigine Aborig-nik
Aborigines Aborig-nik-is
abort abort-it
aborted abort-ilju
abortion abort
abortionist abort-podpor-itel
abortionists abort-podpor-itel-is
abortions abort-is
about okol
above nad
above named pred-primet-ilju
above normal nad-normal-ju
above normal hurricane season nad-normalju uragan-sezon
above surface nad poverh
above the surface of the Earth nad poverh Zemlaf
abrasion brus-enie
abrasions brus-enie-s
abrasive brus-ju
abrasively ostr-uo
abroad za-granc
abroad lands za-granc-ie
abrupt nagl-ju
abruptly nagl-uo
abruptness nagl-ost
absence ot-sut-ie
absences ot-sut-ie-s
absent ot-sut-ju
absentee progul-nik
absenteeism progul-stvo
absentees progul-nik-is
absently ot-sut-uo
absentminded ne-so-sred-ilju
absentmindedly ne-so-sred-iluo
absentmindedness ne-so-sred-ost
absolute absolut-ju
absolutely absolut-uo
absorb absorb-it
absorbed absorb-ilju
absorbent absorb-ivo
absorbents absorb-ivo
absorber absorb-ivo
absorbers absorb-ivo
absorbing absorb-itsju
absorption absorb-enie
absorptive absorb-im-ju
absorptivity absorb-im-ost
abstain vozderzx-it
abstain from vozderzx-it ot
abstain from voting vozderzxit glosenief
abstainer vozderzx-nik
abstainers vozderzx-nik-is
abstinent bez-alkohol-nik
abstinents bez-alkohol-nik-is
abstract abstrakt-ju
abstractiveness abstrakt-ost
abstractness abstrakt-ost
absurd absurd-ju
absurdities absurd-ost-is
absurdity absurd-ost
absurdly absurd-uo
Abuja Abugxa
Abujan Abugxa-ju
abundant dostacx-ju
abundant and easily available dostacxju i lehkuo dostupju
abuse zlo-u-potreb-enie
abuser zlo-u-potreb-nik
abusers zlo-u-potreb-nik-is
abuses zlo-u-potreb-enie-s
abusing zlo-u-potreb-itsju
abusive zlo-u-potreb-ju
abyss propast
abysses propast-is
academic akadem-ju
academical akadem-ju
academician akadem-nik
academicians akadem-nik-is
academies akadem-ia-s
academy akadem-ia
Acapulco Akapulko
Acapulco Akapulko
accede pri-so-din-it
accelerate spesx-it
accelerated skor-ilju
accelerating block raz-gon-raket
accelerating blocks raz-gon-raket-is
acceleration spesx-enie
accelerations spesx-enie-s
accelerator akcelera-tor
accelerators akcelera-tor-is
accent akcent
accented akcent-ilju
accents akcent-is
accept prina-t
accept loan prina-t zaem
accept responsibility prinat otvetost
acceptability prina-most
acceptable prina-mju
acceptable for all parties prinamju dla vse ucxastnikis
acceptably prina-muo
acceptance prina-tie
accepted prina-lju
accepted positively prina-lju pozitiv-uo
acceptee prina-tel
acceptees prina-tel-is
accepter prina-tel
acceptor prina-tel
access do-stup
accessed do-stup-ilju
accessible do-stup-imju
accession pri-so-din-enie
accession talks vstup-ju pere-gvor-is
accessions pri-so-din-enie-s
accessories do-poln-ost-is
accessory do-poln-ost
accident avar-ia
accidental slucx-ju
accidental damage slucx-ju u-sxterb
accidentally slucx-uo
accidents avar-ia-s
acclaim hvala
acclaimed proslav-ju
accolade hvala
accolades hvala
accommodate pomest-it
accommodation pomest-enie
accompanied so-provod-itju
accompanied by so-provod-itju ot
accompaniment so-provod-enie
accompany so-provod-it
accompanying so-provod-itsju
accomplice spol-vin-nik
accomplices spol-vin-nik-is
accomplish so-verh-it
accomplished so-verh-ilju
accomplishment so-verh-enie
accomplishments so-verh-enie-s
accord so-glos-ie
according so-glos-uo
according as so-glos-uo
according to so-glos-uo
according to official sources soglosuo so cxinovnikis
according to the forecast soglosuo so predskazanie
according to timetable vrem-plan-uo
according to witnesses soglosuo so sviditelis
accordingly so-glos-uo
accords so-glos-ie-s
accost pri-vita-t
accosted napad-ilju
account scxot
accountability otvet-ost
accountable otvet-ju
accountant scxot-nik
accountants scxot-nik-is
accounted obiasn-ju
accounted for obiasn-ju
accounting scxot-vod-enie
accounts scxot-is
accounts scxot-is
accredit akredit-it
accreditation akredit-enie
accreditations akredit-enie-s
accredited akredit-ilju
accredited milk svezx-ju mlek
accumulate akumul-it
accumulated akumul-ilju
accumulation akumul-enie
accumulations akumul-enie-s
accumulator akumul-itor
accumulators akumul-itor-is
accuracy tocxn-ost
accurate tocxn-ju
accurately tocxn-uo
accusation obvin-enie
accusations obvin-enie-s
accusative akuzativ
accusatorial obvin-itsju
accusatory obvin-itsju
accuse obvin-it
accuse falsely falsx-obvin-it
accuse of obvin-it za
accused obvin-ilju
accused of obvin-ilju za
accused of state terrorism obvinilju za sxtatju terorizm
accuser obvin-itel
accusers obvin-itel-is
accustom priucx-it
accustomed priucx-ilju
ace askarta
Aceh Acxeh
Acer canestre pole-ju klen
aces askarta-s
acetate acetat
acetates acetat-is
acid kisl-in
acidic kisl-in-ju
acids kisl-in-is
acid-tongued kisl-in-jazik-ju
acknowledge pri-zna-t
acknowledged pri-zna-lju
acknowledgement pri-zna-nie
acknowledgements pri-zna-nie-s
acne akne
acorn zxelud
acorns zxelud-is
acquaint znakom-it
acquaintance znakom-ost
acquaintances znakom-ost-is
acquirable polucx-imju
acquire polucx-it
acquired polucx-ilju
acquirement polucx-enie
acquirements polucx-enie-s
acquiring polucx-itsju
acquisition dostav-enie
acquisitions dostav-enie-s
acquisitive skup-ju
acquisitiveness skup-ost
acquit u-ne-vin-it
acquittal u-ne-vin-enie
acquittals u-ne-vin-enie-s
acquitted raz-sud-ilju ne-vin-ju
acreage plosx
acrid ostr-ju
acridity ostr-ost
acridly ostr-uo
acrimonies spor-is
acrimonious spor-ju
acrimony spor
acrobat akrobat-nik
acrobatic akrobat-ju
acrobatics akrobat-ia
acrobats akrobat-nik-is
across cxrez
across from na-proti
across river cxrez reka
across the border cxrez granc
act deia-t
acted deia-l
acting deia-tsju
acting adjutant general deiatsju pomocnikju generalnik
acting prime minister deiatsju pervministr
actinium aktinium
action deia-nie
actions deia-nie-s
activate aktiv-it
activated aktiv-ilju
activation aktiv-enie
activations aktiv-enie-s
active aktiv-ju
active glacier aktiv-ju ledec
active glaciers aktiv-ju ledec-is
active homosexual aktiv-ju homo-seks-nik
active homosexuals aktiv-ju homo-seks-nik-is
active ingredient aktiv-ju ingredient
active ingredients aktiv-ju ingredient-is
active phase aktiv-ju faza
active phases aktiv-ju faza-s
actively aktiv-uo
activist aktiv-ist
activists aktiv-ist-is
activities deia-nie
activity deia-nie
actor aktor
actors aktor-is
actress aktor-ica
actresses aktor-ica-s
actual aktual-ju
actuality aktual-ost
actually aktual-uo
actuate pobuzxda-t
actuator pobuzxda-tel
actuators pobuzxda-tel-is
acute spesx-ju
acutely spesx-uo
ad reklam
ad hoc pere-hod-ju
adage po-gvor-ka
adages po-gvor-ka-s
adamant u-tverd-ju
adamantine u-tverd-ju
adamantly u-tverd-uo
adapt pri-sposob-it
adaptability pri-sposob-imost
adaptable pri-sposob-imju
adaptation pri-sposob-enie
adaptations pri-sposob-enie-s
adapted pri-sposob-ilju
adaptive pri-sposob-ju
adaptively pri-sposob-uo
add prida-t
add insult to injury pridat unizenie k poranenie
add up scxita-t
added prida-lju
addendum do-poln-enie
addendums do-poln-enie-s
addict zavis-nik
addicted nark-zavis-ju
addiction zavis-ost
addictions zavis-ost-is
addicts zavis-nik-is
adding prida-nie
adding machine scxita-tor
adding machines scxita-tor-is
Addis Ababa Adis-Ababa
addition scxita-nie
additional dobav-ju
additionally dobav-uo
additions scxita-nie-s
additive prisad-ka
additives prisad-ka-s
address adres
addresses adres-is
Aden Aden
adequacy dostacx-ost
adequate dostacx-ju
adequately dostacx-uo
adhere lepn-it
adhered lepn-il
adherence lepn-enie
adherent pri-verzx-nik
adherently lepn-uo
adherents pri-verzx-nik-is
adhesion lepn-ost
adhesive lepn-ivo
adhesively lepn-uo
adhesiveness lepn-ost
adhesives lepn-ivo-s
adjacent sosed-ju
adjective kai-slov
adjectives kai-slov-is
adjoin pri-lezx-it
adjoined pri-lezx-ju
adjoining pri-lezx-ju
adjourn otrocx-it
adjourned otrocx-ilju
adjournment otrocx-enie
adjournments otrocx-enie-s
adjudge raz-sud-it
adjudgment raz-sud-enie
adjudgments raz-sud-enie-s
adjudicate raz-sud-it
adjudication raz-sud-enie
adjudications raz-sud-enie-s
adjunct pri-lezx-enie
adjuncts pri-nalezx-ost-is
adjuration klat-ba
adjure proklin-it
adjust pri-sposob-it
adjustable pri-sposob-imju
adjusted pri-sposob-ilju
adjusting pri-sposob-itsju
adjustment pri-sposob-enie
adjustments pri-sposob-enie-s
adjustor pri-sposob-itel
adjustors pri-sposob-itel-is
adjutancy pomoc-nik-stvo
adjutant pomoc-nik
adjutant general pomoc-nik-ju general-nik
adjutants pomoc-nik-is
adjuvant pomoc-nik
adjuvants pomoc-nik-is
admeasure ot-mer-it
administer upravl-it
administering dava-nie
administrate upravl-it
administration upravl-enie
administration building administr-ac-dom
administration buildings administr-ac-dom-is
administrations upravl-enie-s
administrative upravl-ju
administrative building guver-ju ofis
administrator upravl-itel
administrators upravl-itel-is
admirable poklon-imju
admiral admiral
admirals admiral-is
admiration poklon-enie
admirations poklon-enie-s
admire poklon-it
admired poklon-ilju
admirer poklon-nik
admirers poklon-nik-is
admissible do-pusk-im-ju
admission do-pusk-enie
admissions do-pusk-enie-s
admit do-pusk-it
admit failings dopuskit bezuspehis
admitted do-pusk-ilju
admixture primes
admixtures primes-is
admonish na-pomn-it
admonished na-pomn-ilju
admonishment na-pomn-enie
admonishments na-pomn-enie-s
admonition na-pomn-enie
admonitions na-pomn-enie-s
adolescence mlod-ost
adolescent mlod-ju
adopt usvoi-t
adopted usvoi-lju
adoption usvoi-enie
adoptions usvoi-enie-s
adoptive usvoi-ju
adoptively usvoi-uo
adorability bozx-tvor-imost
adorable bozx-tvor-imju
adoration bozx-tvor-enie
adore poklon-it
adorer poklon-nik
adorers poklon-nik-is
adoring bozx-tvor-itsju
adorn u-kras-it
adorned u-kras-ilju
adrenal gland nad-nirka-ju zxleza
adrenal glands nad-nirka-ju zxleza-s
adrenalin adrenalin
adrenalin sport adrenalin-ju sport
adrenalin sports adrenalin-sport-is
Adriatic Adriat-ia
Adriatic Sea Adriat-ju Mor-ie
ads reklam-is
adulate niz-poklon-it
adulation niz-poklon-enie
adulator niz-poklon-itel
adulators niz-poklon-itel-is
adulatory niz-poklon-ju
adult vzrast-ju
adult person vzrast-nik
adult persons vzrast-nik-is
adulterer cuzx-lezx-nik
adulterers cuzx-lezx-nik-is
adulteress cuzx-lezx-nica
adulterous cuzx-lezx-nik-ju
adultery cuzx-lezx-enie
adulthood vzrast-ost
advance vpred-id-it
advanced vpred-id-ilju
advancement vpred-id-enie
advancements vpred-id-enie-s
advantage vigod
advantageous vigod-ju
advantageously vigod-uo
advantages vigod-is
adventure prigoda
adventures prigoda-s
adventurous ot-vazx-ju
adverb kak-slov
adverbs kak-slov-is
adversaries proti-nik-is
adversary proti-nik
adverse bez-priat-ju
adversity ne-sxtast-ie
advertise reklam-it
advertisement reklam  
advertisements reklam-is
advertiser reklam-itel
advertisers reklam-itel-is
advertising reklam-enie
advertize reklam-it
advice sovet
advices sovet-is
advise sovet-it
adviser sovet-nik
advisers sovet-nik-is
advisor sovet-nik
advisors sovet-nik-is
advisory sovet-ju
advisory group sovet-grup
advisory groups sovet-grup-is
advisory panel sovet-grup
advisory panels sovet-grup-is
advocacy obrona
advocate obrona-t
advocating podstreka-nie
advocating violence podstrekatsju nasile
Adzharia Agxaria
Adzharia Agxar-ia
Adzharian Agxar-ju
Aegean Ege-ju
Aegean region Ege-ia
Aegean Sea Ege-ju Mor-ie
Aegis Egida
aerate pro-vitr-it
aerated water gaz-voda
aeration pro-vitr-enie
aerial anten
aerialist vozduh-akrobat-nik
aerialists vozduh-akrobat-nik-is
aerials anten-is
aerobic aerobik-ju
aerobics aerobik
aeronaut aeronavt-nik
aeronautic aeronavt-ju
aeronautical aeronavt-ju
aeronautics aeronavt-ia
aeronauts aeronavt-nik-is
aeroplane let-idlo
aeroplanes let-idlo-s
aerospace vozduh-kozmos-ju
aerospace defense system vozduh-kozmosju sistem obronaf
aesthete estet-nik
aesthetes estet-nik-is
aesthetic estet-ju
aesthetically estet-uo
aesthetics estet-ia
affable lubez-ju
affair afera
affairs afera-s
affect afekt-it
affected ob-vliv-ilju
affection lubov
affectionate nezxn-ju
affections lubov
affiliate filial-nik
affiliated filial-ju
affiliated companies filial-is
affiliated company filial
affiliates filial-nik-is
affiliation fee vstup-dengi
affiliation fees vstup-dengi
affirm pod-tverd-it
affirmed pod-tverd-il
affix pri-krepk-it
afflict vliv-it
afflicted bol-ju
affliction bol
afflictions bol-is
affluence bogat-ost
affluent bogat-ju
afford pozvol-it
affordable pozvol-imju
Afghan Afgan-ju
Afghani Afgan-ju
Afghani language Afgan-io
Afghanistan Afgan-zem
Afghanistan person Afgan-ian
Afghanistan persons Afgan-ian-is
afraid boia-tsju
afraid of boia-t
Africa Afrik
african afrik-ju
African Development Bank Afrikju Razvitsju Bank
African Union Afrik-soiuz
African Union council rada Afrik-Soiuzuf
Afro-American Afrik-Amerik-ju
after posle
after a while posle hvila
after all posle vse
after crisis posle-kriza-ju
after-election coup posle-vibor-ju pere-vrot
after-flood relief posle-potop-ju pomoc
afterlife posle-zxizn
aftermath rezult
afternoon posle-pol-den
afternoon nap posleobedju spatie
afternoons posle-pol-den-is
aftershave water posle-gol-ju parfum
aftershock posle-tras
aftershocks posle-tras-is
after-war policy posle-voinaju politia
afterwards potom
aftificially sintetik-uo
again vnov
again and again vnov i vnov
against proti
age viek
age of caliphs kalif-era
age of dinosaurs dino-zaur-ju era
age of empires era imperifs
aged star-ilju
aged infrastructure za-star-ju infra-struktur
aged wine zrel-ilju vino
ageing star-enie
ageing infrastructure star-itsju infra-struktur
agencies agent-ia-s
agency agent-ia
agenda den-poriad-ok
agendas den-poriad-ok-is
agent agent-nik
agents agent-nik-is
ages viek-is
aggravate raz-drazx-it
aggravated raz-drazx-ilju
aggravating raz-drazx-ju
aggravation raz-drazx-enie
aggravations raz-drazx-enie-s
aggression agres-ia
aggressions agres-ia-s
aggressive agres-ju
aggressively agres-uo
aggressivity agres-ost
aggressor agres-nik
aggressors agres-nik-is
aging star-enie
agitate raz-volna-t
agitation raz-volna-nie
agitations raz-volna-nie-s
agitator raz-volna-tel
agitators raz-volna-tel-is
agnostic bez-relig-ju
agnosticism bez-relig-ost
ago nazad
agonies terp-enie
agonize mucx-it
agonized terp-itsju
agonizing account groza-ju raport
agony terp-enie
agrarian agrar-ju
agrarian reform agrar-ju reform
agrarian reforms agrar-ju reform-is
agree so-glos-it
agreed do-gvor-ilju
agreeing  so-glos
agreement do-gvor
agreement signing podpisanie dogvoruf
agreements do-gvor-is
agricultural zem-dela-ju
agricultural land agrar-zem
agricultural reform agrar-ju reform
agricultural reforms agrar-ju reform-is
agricultural subsidies agrar-subsid-ia-s
agricultural subsidy agrar-subsid-ia
agriculture zem-dela-nie
agriculturist agrar-nik
agriculturists agrar-nik-is
Agrimonia eupatoria repeik
agrimony repeik
agrochemical agrar-hem-ju
agrochemistry agrar-hem-ia
aground na-miel-ju
ah oh
ahead vpred
ahead of pred
ahoy ahoi
ache bol
aches bol-is
achievable dosag-imju
achieve dosag-it
achieved dosag-ilju
achievement dosag-enie
achievements dosag-enie-s
aid pomoc
aid agencies pomoc-agent-ia-s
aid agency pomoc-agent-ia
aid convoy pomoc-konvoi
aid convoys pomoc-konvoi-s
aide pomoc-nik
aided pomoc-ilju
aided and abetted pomoc-il i podstreka-l
aides pomoc-nik-is
aiding pomoc-itsju
AIDS imun-bolez
AIDS-infected blood ot imun-bolez infekcilju krev
AIDS-sick imun-bolez-ju
ail bolez-it
ailing bolez-ju
ailment bolez
ailments bolez-is
aim ciel-it
aim for usil-it za
aim weapon at cielit oruzxie om
aimed ciel-ilju
aimed against ciel-ilju proti
aimless bez-ciel-ju
aimlessly bez-ciel-uo
aimlessness bez-ciel-ost
air vozduh
air attack vozduh-udar
air attacks vozduh-udar-is
air base vozduh-baz
air bases vozduh-baz-is
air control vozduh-kontrol
air controller vozduh-kontrol-nik
air controllers vozduh-kontrol-nik-is
air controls vozduh-kontrol-is
air defense proti-vozduhju obrona
air defense missile system proti-vozduhju raketju obrona-sistem
air defense system proti-vozduhju obrona-sistem
air force vozduh-voisko
air forces vozduh-voisko-s
air loss utratenie vozduhuf
air marshal vozduh-marsxal
air marshals vozduh-marsxal-is
air out pro-vitr-it
air support vozduh-podpor
air tight vozduh-tesn-ju
air traffic vozduh-ju pro-voz
airborne vozduh-ju
airborne disease vozduh-nes-itju bolez
airborne diseases vozduh-nes-itju bolez-is
airborne division vozduh-ju ot-del
airborne divisions vozduh-ju ot-del-is
airborne infection vozduh-nes-itju infekc-ia
airborne infections vozduh-nes-itju infekc-ia-s
aircraft samo-let
aircraft carrier let-idlo=korab
aircraft carriers let-idlo=korab-is
aircraft manufacturer aviac-firma
aircraft manufacturers aviac-firma-s
aircrafts samo-let-is
air-delivered vozduh-prinesilju
air-delivered ordnance vozduh-prinesilju strelivo
aired pere-dava-lju
aired room provitrilju komnat
air-embolism vozduh-embol-ia
air-filled vozduh-polnju
air-filled dome vozduh-polnju kupola
airflight vozduh-polet
airflights vozduh-polet-is
airing pro-vitr-itsju
airless bez-vozduh-ju
airlessly bez-vozduh-uo
airlessness bez-vozduh-ost
airline vozduh-lina
airliner let-idlo
airliners let-idlo-s
airlines vozduh-lina-s
airplane krilo-let
airplane cabin let-idlo-kabin
airplane cabins let-idlo-kabin-is
airplane manufacturer aviac-firma
airplane manufacturers aviac-firma-s
airplane of a new generation letidlo novju pokolenief
airplane strike na-let
airplane strikes na-let-is
airplanes krilo-let-is
airport let-isxtie
airports let-isxtie-s
air-pressure vozduh-gnet
air-screw vozduh-gvint
air-screws vozduh-gvint-is
airship balon-korab
airships balon-korab-is
airshow vozduh-pokaz
airshows vozduh-pokaz-is
airspace vozduh-prostor
air-space vozduh-ju prostor
airstrike na-let
airstrikes na-let-is
airsupport vozduh-podpor
air-tight vozduh-tesn-ju
air-to-air vozduh-vozduhju
air-to-air rocket vozduh-vozduhju raket
Akademgorodok Akademgorodok
Al Qaeda Al=Kaida
Alabama Alabama
alarm trevog
alarm-clock probud-nek
alarm-clocks probud-nek-is
alarmed trevog-ilju
alarming trevog-itsju
alarmism panik-stvo
alarmist panik-nik
alarmists panik-nik-is
alarms trevog-is
Alaska Aliasxka
Alaskan Aliasxka-ju
Albania Alban-ia
Albanian Alban-ju
Albanian language Alban-io
Albanians Alban-is
albatross albatros
albatrosses albatros-is
albeit odnak-uo
Alberta Alberta
album album
albums album-is
Albuquerque Albakurki
alcohol alkohol
alcohol poisoning alkohol-otravanie
alcoholic alkohol-ju
alcoholism o-pit-ost
alcohols alkohol-is
alcove besed-ka
alcoves besed-ka-s
alder olha
alder wood olha-drevno
alders olha-s
ale pivo
alert nastrozx-ju
alert state nastrozx-status
alert status nastrozx-status
alertness nastrozx-ost
ales pivo-s
Alexandria Aleksandr-ia
alga voda-rast
algae voda-rast
algebra algebra
algebraic algebra-ju
algebraist algebra-ist
algebraists algebra-ist-is
Algeria Alzxer-ia 
algerian   alzxer-ju
Algerian person Alzxer-ian
Algerian persons Alzxer-ian-is
Algiers Alzxier
alias falsx-imen
aliases falsx-imen-is
alien cuzx-ju
alien invader cuzx-ju vtorga-tel
alien invaders cuzx-ju vtorga-tel-is
alienate ot-cuzx-it
alienated ot-cuzx-ilju
alienation ot-cuzx-enie
alienations ot-cuzx-enie-s
aligned alianc-ilju
alike podob-ju
alive zxizn-ju 
al-Jazeera al-Gxazira
all vse
all at once ne-o-cxeka-uo
all but iz-klucx-uo
all cards are on the table vse kartas es na stol
all four ob-cxtir
all kinds of razlicx-ju
all night celo-nocx-ju
all over vsegde
all over the world vsegde vo Vset
all right dobr-uo
All Saints' Day Vse-Sviatnikju Den
all Slavs Slav-ian-stvo
all three ob-tri
allay spokoin-it
allay fears spokoin-it strah
allegation u-tverd-enie
allegations obvin-enies
allege u-tverd-it
alleged u-tverd-itju
allegedly u-tverd-uo
allegiance vern-ost
allegiances vern-ost-is
allegoric alegor-ju
allegorical alegor-ju
allegories alegor-ia-s
allegorize alegor-it
allegory alegor-ia
allergen alerg-ivo
allergenic alerg-nik
allergenics alerg-nik-is
allergic alerg-ju
allergies alerg-ia-s
allergy alerg-ia
alley alea
alleys alea-s
alleyway ulca
alleyways ulca-s
alliance alianc-ia
alliances alianc-ia-s
allied soiuz-ilju
allies soiuz-nikis
allies alianc-nik-is
alligator aligator
alligators aligator-is
allocate pri-del-it
allocated pri-del-ilju
allocation pri-del-enie
allocations pri-del-enie-s
all-out search intensivju iskanie
allow pozvol-it
allowable do-pusk-imju
allowance do-pusk-imju ot-sklon-enie
allowance mesxok-dengi
allowances do-pusk-imju ot-sklon-enie-s
allowed pozvol-ilju
alloy splav
alloyed splav-ilju
alloys splav-is
all-pervasive vse-pronika-tsju
all-purpose vse-storon-ju
all-round vse-storon-ju
all-terrain vse-poverhju
all-terrain vehicle vse-poverhju voz
all-terrain vehicles vse-poverhju voz-is
allude otnos-it
allude to otnos-it
allure o-cxaro-vit
allured o-cxaro-vil
allurement o-cxaro-venie
allurements o-cxaro-venie-s
alluring o-cxaro-vitsju
allusion namek
allusions namek-is
ally alianc-nik
Almaty Almati
almighty vse-moc-ju
almond mindal
almonds mindal-is
almost pocxti
aloe aloe
aloe vera aloevera
alone sam-ju
along pri
alongside popri
aloud gromk-uo
alphabet alfabet
alphabet soup abece-sup
alphabet soups abece-sup-is
alphabetic alfabet-ju
alphabetical alfabet-ju
alphabets alfabet-is
Alps Alp-goras
already uzx
also tozx
also known as tozx znalju takak
altar oltar
altar-boy oltar-pomoc-nik
altar-boys oltar-pomoc-nik-is
altars oltar-is
alter izmen-it
alteration izmen-enie
alterations izmen-enie-s
altercate spor-it
altercation draka
altercations draka-s
alterglobalist alter-global-nik
alterglobalistic alter-global-ju
alterglobalists alter-global-nik-is
alternate pere-zmen-it
alternating pere-zmen-itsju
alternatingly pere-zmen-uo
alternation pere-zmen-enie
alternations pere-zmen-enie-s
alternative alternativ
alternative interrogation alternativju voprosenie
alternative medicine alternativ-ju medicin
alternatively alternativ-uo
alternatives alternativ-is
although hoc
altimeter visx-ost-mer
altimeters visx-ost-mer-is
altitude visx-ost
altitudes visx-ost-is
altogether celo-uo
aluminium alumin
aluminium alumin-ju
aluminium ore alumin-ju ruda
aluminium ores alumin-ju ruda-s
aluminum alumin
aluminum factories alumin-zavod-is
aluminum factory alumin-zavod
aluminum ore alumin-ju ruda
aluminum ores alumin-ju ruda-s
always vsegda
Always when something leaves from your life that is a sign that something even bigger and better will come. Vsegda gda nesxto otidijt iz tvoi zxizn, to es znak zxe nesxto esxte veljusx i dobrjusx bu pridit.
Alzheimer alzhaimer-bolez
Alzheimer's alzhaimer-bolez
Alzheimer's disease alzhaimer-bolez
am es
amateur amator-nik
amateurism diletant-ost
amateurs amator-nik-is
amaze iz-um-it
amazed iz-um-ilju
amazement iz-um-enie
amazing iz-um-itsju
Amazon Amazon
Amazon river reka Amazon
ambassador posol-nik
ambassador recall otzvanie posolnikuf
ambassadorial posol-ju
ambassadors posol-nik-is
amber jantar
amber light zxoltju svetlo
amber route jantar-ju put
amber routes jantar-ju put-is
amber-colored jantar-cvet-ju
ambiguities dva-znacx-ost-is
ambiguity dva-znacx-ost
ambiguous dva-znacx-ju
ambiguous resolution ne-iasn-ju rezoluc-ia
ambiguous resolutions ne-iasn-ju rezoluc-ia-s
ambiguously dva-znacx-uo
ambition streml-enie
ambitions streml-enies
ambitious ambic-ju
ambitious plan ambicju plan
ambivalence ambivalent-ost
ambivalent ambivalent-ju
ambulance sanitar-voz
ambulances sanitar-voz-is
ambush za-sid-ka
ambushed za-sid-ka-lju
ambusher za-sid-nik
ambushers za-sid-nik-is
ambushes za-sid-ka-s
amend zmen-it
amend izmen-it
amended zmen-ilju
amendment zmen-enie
amendments zmen-enie-s
America Amerik
american amerik-ju
american  amerik-ju
American Civil Liberties Union Amerikju Soiuz Civil-nik-ju Svobodifs
american dream Amerikju son
american football amerik-ju futbol
American Indian Amerind
American Indians Amerind-is
American Samoa Amerik-ju Samoa
American Samoan Amerik-samoa-n
American Samoans Amerik-samoa-n-is
american way usa-uo
Americas Amerik-is
americium americium
amiable lubez-ju
amicable priazn-ju
amicably priazn-uo
amid u-sred
amidst mezxu
amity priazn
ammo strel-ivo
ammo depo strel-sklad
ammo depos strel-sklad-is
ammonia amoniak
ammonia leak utecx amoniakuf
ammoniac amoniak-ju
ammoniacal amoniak-ju
ammonium amon
ammonium nitrate amon-nitrat
ammunition strel-ivo
ammunition dump bomb-sklad
ammunition dumps bomb-sklad-is
ammunition store strel-proda-lna
ammunition stores strel-proda-lna-s
amnesties amnist-ia-s
amnesty amnist-ia
Amnesty International Mezxunarod-ju Amnist-ia
amoeba ameba
amoebas ameba-s
amok sxal-ju
among mezxu
among other things popri inju temis
amongst mezxu
amount skolk-ost
amount of damage obiem opustosxenief
amount to znacx-it
amounts skolk-ost-is
amphibia zem-voda-zver-is
amphibian zem-voda-zver
amphibian tank zem-voda-tank
amphibian tanks zem-voda-tank-is
amphibian vehicle zem-voda-voz
amphibian vehicles zem-voda-voz-is
amphibian vessel amfib-ju korab
amphibian vessels amfib-ju korab-is
amphibians zem-voda-zver-is
amphibious zem-voda-ju
amphitheater amfiteatr
amphitheaters amfiteatr-is
amphitheatre amfiteatr
amphitheatres amfiteatr-is
amphora amfora
amphorae amfora-s
ample dostacx-ju
ampleness dostacx-ost
amplification u-sila-enie
amplifications u-sila-enie-s
amplified uvelicx-ilju
amplifier u-sila-tel
amplifiers u-sila-tel-is
amplify u-sila-t
amplitude amplituda
amplitudes amplituda-s
amply sxtedr-uo
amputate amput-it
amputated amput-ilju
amputation amput-acia
amputations amput-acia-s
amputee amput-ilnik
amputees amput-ilnik-is
Amsterdam Amsterdam
amulet amulet
amulets amulet-is
amuse zabav-it
amused zabav-itju
amusement zabav-enie
amusement park zabav-park
amusement parks zabav-park-is
amusements zabav-enie-s
amuser zabav-nik
amusers zabav-nik-is
amusing zabav-itsju
anabolic anabol-ju
anabolic steroid anabol-ju steroid
anabolic steroids anabol-ju steroid-is
anabolics anabol-is
anabolicum anabol
anabolicums anabol-s
anaemia mal-krev-ost
anaemic bez-krev-ju
anal anal-ju
analog analog
analogical analog-ju
analogically analog-uo
analogies analog-ia-s
analogous analog-ju
analogs analog-is
analogue analog
analogues analog-is
analogy analog-ia
analyse analiz-it
analyses analiz-is
analysis analiz 
analyst analiz-nik
analysts analiz-nik-is
analytical analiz-ju
analytically analiz-uo
analyze analiz-it
anarchism anarh-izm
anarchisms anarh-izm-is
anarchist anarh-ist
anarchistic anarh-ju
anarchistically anarh-uo
anarchists anarh-ist-is
anarchy anarh-ia
ancestor predk
ancestors predk-is
ancestral predk-ju
ancestry predk-is
ancient davn-ju
Ancient meteor storm pummeled Earth. Davnju meteor-buria kamenil Zemla.
ancient settlement davn-ju osad-ka
ancient settlements davn-ju osad-ka-s
ancient site antik-mesto
ancient sites antik-mesto-s
and i
Andean Ande-gora-ju
Andes Ande-gora-s
Andorra Andora
andorran andora-ju
androgyne zxen-podob-nik
androgynous zxen-podob-ju
android samo-cxlovek
android samo-cxlovek-ju
androids samo-cxlovek-is
Andromeda Andromeda
Andromeda Galaxy Galaktia Andromeda
anecdote anekdot
anecdotes anekdot
anesthesia anestez-ia
anesthesiological anestez-log-ju
anesthesiologist anestez-log-ist
anesthesiologists anestez-log-ist-is
anesthesiology anestez-log-ia
anesthesis  anestez-ia
anesthesise anestez-it
anesthesize anestez-it
anesthetic anestez-ju
anesthetic properties of laughing gas anestezju vlasnostis vesel-gazuf
anesthetist anestez-ist
anesthetists anestez-ist-is
anew vnov
angel angel
angels angel-is
anger gnev
angered gnev-ilju
angiogenesis angio-genez
angiogenesis inhibitor angiogenezju zabranivo
angle ugol
angler riba-r
anglers riba-r-is
angles ugol-is
Anglican Anglikan-ist
Anglican Church Anglikan-cerkov
Angola Angola
angolan    angola-ju
angrily gnev-uo
angry gnev-ju
angry person gnev-nik
angry persons gnev-nik-is
Anguilla Angila
anguillan   angila-ju
angular gran-ju
angularity gran-ost
anchor kotva
Anchorage Ankorigx
anchored za-kotva-lju
anchors kotva-s
animal zver
animal home zver-domo
animal homes zver-domo-s
animal kingdom zver-korol-stvo
animal park zver-park
animal parks zver-park-is
animal welfare zver-blago
animal-like zver-podob-ju
animals zver-is
animate ozxiv-it
animated ozxiv-il
animated cartoon ozxiv-ilju film
animated cartoons ozxiv-ilju film-is
animated movie ozxiv-ilju film
animated movies ozxiv-ilju film-is
animation ozxiv-enie
animations ozxiv-enie-s
animosities vrag-ost-is
animosity vrag-ost
ankle sxikolot
ankles sxikolot-is
annex pri-budov
annexation anekc-ia
annexations anekc-ia-s
annexe pri-budov
annexed anekc-ilju
annexes pri-budov-is
annihilate nisxto-vit
annihilation nisxto-venie
annihilations nisxto-venie-s
anniversaries kazxd-rocx-ie-s
anniversary kazxd-rocx-ie
announce o-glos-it
announced o-glos-ilju
announcement o-glos-enie
announcements o-glos-enie-s
announcer o-glos-itel
announcers o-glos-itel-is
annoy zlo-vit
annoyance zlo-venie
annoyed zlo-vilju
annoying zlo-vitsju
annual rocx-ju
annual address kazxd-rocx-ju recx
annual addresses kazxd-rocx-ju recx-is
annual speech kazxd-rocx-ju recx
annual speeches kazxd-rocx-ju recx-is
annually rocx-uo
annul anul-it
annulate anul-it
annulation anul-enie
annulations anul-enie-s
annulment anul-enie
annulment of marriage anulenie podrugief
annulments anul-enie-s
anoint na-maza-t
anointed na-maza-lju
anointing na-maza-tsju
anointing the sick na-maza dla bolez-nikis
anointment na-maza
anointments na-maza-s
anomalies anomal-ia-s
anomalistic anomal-ju
anomalous anomal-ju
anomaly anomal-ia
anonimity anonim-ost
anonym anonim-nik
anonymous anonim-ju
anonymously anonim-uo
anonyms anonim-nik-is
another in-ju
answer otvet 
answered otvet-ilju
answering otvet-itsju
answers otvet-is
ant murav
Antarctic Antarkt-ju
Antarctic ice Antarktju led
Antarctic Ocean Antarkt-ju Okean
Antarctic whale hunt Antarktju kit-ribaju lov
Antarctica Antarkt-ia
Antarctis Antarkt-ia
ante= pred=
antediluvian do-potop-ju
antechamber vhod-ilna
antechambers vhod-ilna-s
antenatal pred-zrod-ju
antenna anten
antennas anten-is
ant-fly letitsju murav
anthem himn
anthems himn-is
ant-hill murav-isxtie
ant-hills murav-isxtie-s
anthimony antimon
anti- proti=
anti-abortion proti-abort-ju
anti-abortion activist proti-abort-ju aktiv-ist
anti-abortion activists proti-abort-ju aktiv-ist-is
anti-abortion rally proti-abortju rale
anti-abortionist proti-abort-nik
anti-abortionists proti-abort-nik-is
antiageing proti-star-itju
anti-ageing proti-star-itju
anti-aircraft defense proti-vozduhju obrona
anti-aircraft shelter bomb-ubeg-isxtie
anti-aircraft shelters bomb-ubeg-isxtie-s
anti-anxiety remedy proti-trevogju lek
antibiotic antibiotik
antibiotics antibiotikis
antibodies proti-molekul-is
antibody proti-molekul
anti-british proti-brit-ju
anticipate o-cxeka-t
anticipated o-cxeka-l
anticipation o-cxeka-nie
anticlimax proti-kulminac-ia
anticlimaxes proti-kulminac-ia-s
anticommunism proti-komun-izm
anti-communist proti-komun-ist
anti-communists proti-komun-ist-is
anti-constitutional proti=konstituc-ju
anti-constitutionally proti=konstituc-uo
anti-corruption proti=podkupost
anti-democratic proti-demokrat-ju
antidotal proti-otrava-ju
antidote proti-otrava
antidotes proti-otrava-s
anti-drug agency proti-narkju agentia
anti-drug policeman nark-polc-ist
anti-drug policemen nark-polc-ist-is
antifascism proti-fasx-izm
antifascist proti-fasx-ist
antifascists proti-fasx-ist-is
anti-gay proti-geisk
antiglobalization proti-global-iz-enie
antiglobalizer proti-global-iz-nik
antiglobalizers proti-global-iz-nik-is
anti-government proti-vlad-ju
Antigua and Barbuda Antiga i Barbuda
Antigua-Barbudan antigbarbuda-ju
Antiguan and Barbudan Antigbarbuda-n
anti-impotency proti-impotent-ost-ju
anti-impotency drug proti-impotentostju lek
anti-islamism proti-islam-izm
anti-islamist proti-islam-nik
anti-islamists proti-islam-nik-is
anti-jewish proti-zxid-ju
anti-kidnap proti-kidnap-ju
anti-kidnap expert proti-kidnapju ekspertnik
anti-kidnapping consultant proti-kidnapju ekspertnik
antimatter proti-mater-ia
antimatter proti-mater-ju
antimatter drive proti-mater-ju dviga-tor
antimatter drives proti-mater-ju dviga-tor-is
antimissile proti-raket
anti-missile proti-raket
anti-missile defense proti-raket-ju obrona
anti-missile defense of the fifth generation proti-raketju obrona piatju pokolenief
anti-missile defenses proti-raket-ju obrona
anti-missile missiles proti-raketju raketis
anti-missile shield proti-raketju sxtit
antimissiles proti-raket-is
anti-missiles proti-raket-is
antimony antimon
anti-mosquito proti-komar-ju
anti-mosquito laser gun proti-komarju laser-pistol
antinomy paradoks
anti-poverty group proti-bedaju grup
anti-poverty organization proti-bedaju organizacia
antiquate za-star-it
antiquated za-star-ju
antiquated infrastructure za-star-ilju infra-struktur
antiquation za-star-enie
antique antik 
antiques antik-is
antiquity star-viek
anti-satellite missile proti-satelitju raket
anti-satellite system proti-satelitju sistem
anti-secession proti-raz-del-ju
anti-secession proti-raz-lom-ju
anti-secessionism proti-raz-del-izm
anti-secessionist proti-raz-del-ju
antisemite proti-semit-nik
antisemites proti-semit-nik-is
antisemitic proti-semit-ju
antisemitic sign proti-semit-ju slogan
antisemitism proti-semit-izm
antisionism proti-zion-izm
Anti-Slavic person proti-slav-nik
Anti-Slavic persons proti-slav-nik-is
anti-Slavic racism proti-Slaviansk rasizm
antislavicism proti-slav-izm
antislavism proti-slav-izm
anti-smoker law proti-cigarnikju zakon
anti-submarine proti-podlodkaju
anti-submarine ship proti-podlodkaju kreiser
anti-submarine ships proti-podlodkaju kreiser-is
anti-tank rocket proti-tank-ju raket
anti-tank rockets proti-tank-ju raket-is
anti-trust proti-monopol-ju
anti-US sentiment proti-USA-ju cxutie
anti-US sentiments proti-USA-ju cxutie
anti-viral proti-virus-ju
anti-viral medicament proti-virus-ju lecxiv
anti-war proti-voina-ju
anti-war sentiment proti-voina-ju cxutie
ants murav-is
anus zadju pro-hod
anvil kova-dlo
anvils kova-dlo-s
anxieties ne-spokoin-ost-is
anxiety ne-spokoin-ost
anxious ne-spokoin-ju
any lib
any lib=ktor 
any- lib= 
any amount lib=skolk 
any kind of lib=kai 
any time lib=gda 
anybody lib=kto 
anyhow lib=kak 
anyone lib=kto
anyone's lib=cxoi 
anything lib=sxto 
anytime lib=gda 
anyway lib=kak 
anywhere lib=gde 
apace bistr-uo
apart raz-del-uo
apart from iz-klucx-uo
apart from popri
apartheid aparteid
apartment kvartir
apartment building kvartir-dom
apartment buildings kvartir-dom-is
apartments kvartir-is
apathetic apat-ju
apathetical apat-ju
apathetically apat-uo
apathy apat-ia
apatite apatit
apatite mine apatit-kopa-lna
ape mavpa
aperture otvir
apertures otvir-is
apes mavpa-s
apex verh
apex predator verh-ju grab-zver
apex predators verh-ju grab-zver-is
apexes verh-is
aphorism aforizm
aphorisms aforizm-is
apocalyps apokalips
apocalyptic apokalips-ju
apocalyptically apokalips-uo
apogeal apoge-ju
apogee apoge
apogees apoge-s
apogeum apoge
apogeums apoge-s
apologetic izvin-itsju
apologetical izvin-itsju
apologetically izvin-itsuo
apologies izvin-enie-s
apologise izvin-it
apologize izvin-it
apology izvin-enie
apoplectic apopleks-ju
apoplexies apopleks-ia-s
apoplexy apopleks-ia
apostasies ot-stup-enie-s
apostasy ot-stup-enie
apostate ot-stup-nik
apostates ot-stup-nik-is
apostatic ot-stup-ju
apostle apostol
apostles apostol-is
apostolic apostol-ju
apostolical apostol-ju
apostrophe apostrof
apostrophes apostrof-is
apostrophize apostrof-it
apothecaries farmac-nik-is
apothecary farmac-nik
appal uzxas
appall uzxas-it
appall uzxas
appalled uzxas-ilju
appalling uzxas-ju
appallingly uzxas-uo
apparatus aparat
apparent ziav-ju
apparently ziav-uo
appeal pros-ba
appeal court apelac-ju sud
appeal courts apelac-ju sud-is
appealing pri-tiaga-tsju
appeals pros-ba-s
appear ziav-it
appearance ziav-enie
appearances ziav-enie-s
appeared ziav-il
appeasable u-spokoin-imju
appease u-spokoin-it
appeased u-spokoin-ilju
appeasement u-spokoin-enie
appeasements u-spokoin-enie-s
appellant apelac-itsju
appellate apelac-ju
appellation imen
appellative imen
appellatives imen-is
append prida-t
appendage prida-tok
appendages prida-tok-is
appendectomies apendik-ot-rez-is
appendectomy apendik-ot-rez
appendicitis apendik-zapal
appendix prida-tok
appendixes prida-tok-is
apperception ponima-nie
apperceptions ponima-nie-s
appertain nalezx-it
appetence zxela-nie
appetency zxela-nie
appetite vkus
appetites vkus-is
appetizer vkus-ok
appetizers vkus-ok-is
appetizing vkus-ju
applaud o-dobr-it
applause o-dobr-enie
applauses o-dobr-enie-s
apple jablok
apple tree jablok-drev
apple trees jablok-drev-is
apple turnover jablokju pirog
apple-jellies jablok-zxele-s
apple-jelly jablok-zxele
apples jablok-is
appliance pribor
appliances pribor-is
applicability u-potreb-imost
applicable u-potreb-imju
applicably u-potreb-imuo
applicant aplikac-nik
applicants aplikac-nik-is
application aplikac-ia
application form aplikac-ia
application forms aplikac-ia-s
applications aplikac-ia-s
apply u-potreb-it
apply for a permission aplikacit om pozvolenie
appoint naznacx-it
appointed naznacx-ilju
appointed by naznacx-ilju ot
appointment do-gvor-ilju vstret-ie
appointments do-gvor-ilju vstret-ie-s
appraisal o-cen-enie
appraisals o-cen-enie-s
appraise o-cen-it
appreciate o-cen-it
appreciation uzna-nie
appreciations uzna-nie-s
appreciative o-cen-itsju
apprehend za-derzx-it
apprehended za-derzx-ilju
apprehension strah
apprehensions strah-is
apprehensive strah-poln-ju
apprentice ucx-nik
apprentices ucx-nik-is
approach bliz-enie
approaches bliz-enie-s
approaching bliz-itsju
appropriate pri-nalezx-ju
appropriated pri-vlasn-ilju
appropriately pri-nalezx-uo
appropriateness pri-nalezx-ost
appropriation pri-vlasn-enie
appropriations pri-vlasn-enie-s
approval o-dobr-enie
approvals o-dobr-enie-s
approve o-dobr-it
approved o-dobr-ilju
approximate pribliz-ju
approximately pribliz-uo
apreciated o-cen-ilju
apricot abrikos
apricot jam abrikos-gxem
apricot jams abrikos-gxem-is
apricot jellies abrikos-zxele-s
apricot jelly abrikos-zxele
apricot tree abrikos-drev
apricot trees abrikos-drev-is
apricot-colored abrikos-cvet-ju
apricot-coloured abrikos-cvet-ju
apricots abrikos-is
April April
april joke aprilju humorka
apt sposob-ju
aqua voda
aquatic voda-ju
aquatic animal voda-zver
aquatic animals voda-zver-is
aquatic solution voda-smes
aquatic solutions voda-smes-is
aqueous voda-ju
aqueous solution voda-raztvor
aqueous solutions voda-raztvor-is
Arab Arab
Arab League Arab-liga
Arabia Arab-ia
Arabian Arab-ju
Arabian Sea Arab-ju Mor-ie
arabic   Arab-ju
Arabic language Arab-io
Arabic language Arab-io
Arabic languages Arab-ju jazika-s
Arabs Arab-is
arbiter arbitrazx-nik
arbiters arbitrazx-nik-is
arbitrage arbitrazx
arbitrages arbitrazx-is
arbitral arbitrazx-ju
arbitrarily proizvoln-uo
arbitrariness proizvoln-ost
arbitrary proizvoln-ju
arbitrate arbitrazx-it
arbitrated arbitrazx-ilju
arbitration arbitrazx
arbitrations arbitrazx-is
arbitrator arbitrazx-nik
arbitrators arbitrazx-nik-is
arbor besed-ka
arbors besed-ka-s
arcane tain-ju
arcane subject ukr-itju tem
arcane subjects ukr-itju tem-is
arcanum tain-ost
arctic arktik-ju
Arctic Ocean Arktik-ju Okean
Arctic Sea Arktju Morie
Arctis Arktik 
Ardh Kumbh Zxban-Sviatak
ardor entuz-enie
ardorous entuz-ju
ardors entuz-enie-s
ardour entuz-enie
ardours entuz-enie-s
arduous trud-ju
are es
area plosx
area around the San Francisco Bay obast krug San-Franciskoju zaliv
area between seas mezxu-mor-ie
area of informatics inform-prostor
areas plosx-is
arena arena
arenas arena-s
Argentina Argentin-ia
Argentinan Argentin-ian
Argentinans Argentin-ian-is
argentine  argentin-ju
argon argon 
arguable spor-imju
argue spor-it
argued spor-ilju
argument spor
arguments spor-is
arch luk 
archaelogical arheolog-ju
archaeology arheolog-ia
archaic arha-ju
archaically arha-uo
archaism arha-izm
archaisms arha-izm-is
archaize u-potrebit arhaizm-is
archbishop nad-ebiskup
Archbishop of Canterbury Kanterburiju Glavn-ebiskup
archbishops nad-ebiskup-is
archduke erc-hercog
archdukes erc-hercog-is
arched arka-ju
archeological arheolog-ju
archeologist arheolog-nik
archeologists arheolog-nik-is
archeology arheolog-ia
archer luk-nik
archers luk-nik-is
archery luk-strel-ba
arches luk-is
archipelagic arhipelag-ju
archipelago arhipelag
archipelagos arhipelag-is
architect arhitekt-nik
architectonic arhitekt-ju
architects arhitekt-nik-is
architecture arhitekt-ia
archive arhiv
archives arhiv-is
archiving arhiv-enie
archivist arhiv-nik
archivists arhiv-nik-is
archway arka-dver
archways arka-dver-is
arise viznika-t
aristocrat aristokrat
aristocratic aristokrat-ju
aristocrats aristokrat-is
arithmetic aritmetik
arithmetics aritmetik
Arizona Arizona
Arkansas Arkansas
arm ruka
armada armad
armadas armad-is
Armageddon katastrof
armaments oruzx-ie
armaments industries voisko-promisl
armaments industry voisko-promisl
armed oruzx-ilju
armed conflict oruzx-ilju konflikt
armed conflicts oruzx-ilju konflikt-is
armed criminal oruzxilju prestupnik
armed force voisko
armed forces voisko
armed kidnapping oruzxilju otvodenie
armed robbery oruzxilju grabenie
armed to the teeth pere-oruzx-ilju
Armenia Armen-ia
armenian   armen-ju
armchair kreslo
arm-chair kreslo
armchairs kreslo-s
arm-chairs kreslo-s
armies armad-is
armistice pere-smir-ie
Armistice Day Den Peresmirief
armistices pere-smir-ie-s
armor pancir-it
armor pancir
armored pancir-ilju
armorer oruzx-maister
armorers oruzx-maister-is
armories sklad-is oruzxief
armors pancir-is
armory sklad oruzxief
armour pancir
armoured vehicle pancir-voz
armoured vehicles pancir-voz-is
armourer oruzx-maister
armourers oruzx-maister-is
armouries sklad-is oruzxief
armours pancir-is
armoury sklad oruzxief
arms ruka-s
arms ruka-s
arms embargo oruzx-embargo
arms embargoes oruzx-embargo-s
arms race oruzx-gonenie
army armad
army barracks voisko-kazarmas
army compound voisko-kazarma
army general armad-general
army headquarters armad-sxtab
army major armad-ju maior
army majors armad-ju maior-is
army officer armadju komandnik
army recruiting center armad-ju rekrut-isxtie
Army Slav Armad-Slav-io
army uniform voisko-uniforma
army uniforms voisko-uniforma-s
aroma aromat
aromas aromat-is
aromatic aromat-ju
aromatic plant aromat-ivo
aromatic plants aromat-ivo
aromatic spice aromat-ivo
aromatic spices aromat-ivo
around ob
around Earth krug-zemla-ju
around the world okol Vset
around-the-clock bez-konc-ju
arraign pri-vlocx-it pred sud
arraignment pri-vlocx-enie pred sud
arraignments pri-vlocx-enie-s pred sud
arrange poriad-it
arranged poriad-ilju
arrangement poriad-enie
arrangements poriad-enie-s
array mnog-ost
arrays mnog-ost-is
arrest za-derzx-it
arrest warrant za-derzx-order
arrest warrants za-derzx-order-is
arrested za-derzx-ilju
arrested person za-derzx-nik
arrested persons za-derzx-nik-is
arrestee za-derzx-nik
arrestees za-derzx-nik-is
arrester za-derzx-itel
arresters za-derzx-itel-is
arrid suh-ju
arrid region suh-ju oblast
arrid regions suh-ju oblast-is
arridity suh-ost
arrival pri-eha-nie
arrivals pri-eha-nie-s
arrive pri-eha-t
arriving pri-eha-tsju
arrogance nad-gord-ost
arrogant nad-gord-ju
arrow strel-ka
arrows strel-ka-s
arse zadin
arsenal arsenal
arsenals arsenal-is
arsenic arsen
arses zadin-is
arson pod-pal
arsonist pod-pal-nik
arsonists pod-pal-nik-is
arsons pod-pal-is
art art
arterial arter-ju
arterial bypass ob-arter-enie
arterial bypasses ob-arter-enie-s
arterial highway glavn-ju dorog
arterial highways glavn-ju dorog-is
arteries arter-ia-s
artery arter-ia
artesian artez-ju
artesian well artezju vodatecx
article stata
articles tovar
artificial sintetik-ju
artificial coma ne-prirod-ju koma
artificial comas ne-prirod-ju koma-s
artificial fertilizer sintetik-ju pole-gnoi
artificial fertilizers sintetik-ju pole-gnoi-s
artificial satellite ne-prirod-ju satelit
artificial satellites ne-prirod-ju satelit-is
artificially sintetik-uo
artillery artiler-ia
artillery depot artiler-sklad
artillery depots artiler-sklad-is
artist art-ist
artistic art-ist-ju
artistically art-ist-uo
artists art-ist-is
arts art
Aruba Aruba
arubian   aruba-ju
aryan arian-ju
aryanize arian-it
as takak
as a result of usled
as hard as he could takak tverduo kak mozxuo
as if jakobi
as is kak es
as much as taskolk
as much as possible taskolk mozxuo
as of today do denes
as opposed to na-proti
as soon as mozx-skor
as well tozx
as well as takzxe
as......as tak.......kak
asbestine azbest-ju
asbestos azbest
asbestosis azbest-bolez
ascend gor-dviga-t
ascend to throne na-tron-it
ascension gor-dviga-nie
Ascension Island Ascension
ascensionan   ascension-ju
ascensions gor-dviga-nie-s
ascent vzlet
ascents vzlet-is
ascertain ustanov-it
aseptic asepticx-ju
asexual bez-seks-ju
ash pepel
ash cloud pepel-oblak
ash clouds pepel-oblak-is
ash colored pepel-cvet-ju
ash coloured pepel-cvet-ju
Ash Wednesday Pepelju Sredek
ashamed stid-ju
ashen pepel-cvet-ju
ashes pepel
Ashkenazi Asxkenaz-ju
Ashkenazi Jew Asxkenaz-ju Zxid
Ashkenazi Jews Asxkenaz-ju Zxid-is
ashore breg-uf
ashtray pepel-nek
ashtrays pepel-nek-is
Ashura Asxura
Asia Azia
Asia Minor Malju Azia
Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Az-ju Tih-okean-ju Ekonom-ju So-trud-ie
Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum Az-ju Tih-okean-ju Parlament-ju Forum
Asian Az-ju
aside u-bok
ask vopros-it
ask for help pitat pomoc
asking vopros-itsju
asleep spat-itsju
asparagus sparzxa
aspect aspekt
aspects aspekt-is
asphalt asfalt
asphalts asfalt-is
asphyxiate dusx-it
asphyxiated dusx-ilju
asphyxiating dusx-enie
asphyxiation dusx-enie
aspiration streml-enie
aspirations streml-enie-s
aspire streml-it
ass osel
assail napad-it
assailable napad-imju
assailant napad-itel
assailants napad-itel-is
assassin smert-itel
assassinate smert-it
assassinated smert-ilju
assassination smert-enie
assassination attempt smert-enie-proba
assassination attempts smert-enie-proba-s
assassination squad smert-eskadron
assassination squads smert-eskadron-is
assassinations smert-enie-s
assassins smert-itel-is
assault napad-enie
assault rifle samo-strel
assault rifles samo-strel-is
assaulted by mob napadilju ot tolpa
assaulter napad-itel
assaulters napad-itel-is
assaults napad-enie-s
assay metal-proba
assays metal-proba-s
assemble so-stav-it
assembled so-stav-ilju
assembly montir-enie
assembly factories montir-zavod-is
assembly factory montir-zavod
assembly hall asamblju zal
assembly halls asamblju zal-is
assembly problem montir-problem
assembly problems montir-problem-is
assembly-room montir-ilna
assembly-rooms montir-ilna-s
assert u-tverd-it
asses osel-is
assess o-cen-it
assessed o-cen-ilju
assessment o-cen-enie
assessments o-cen-enie-s
assessor o-cen-itel
assessors o-cen-itel-is
asset ima-nie
assets aktiva
asshole zadju dira
assholes zadju dira-s
assiduous trud-lub-ju
assiduously trud-lub-uo
assign pri-del-it
assigned pri-del-ilju
assignment pri-del
assimilate asimil-it
assimilated asimil-ilju
assimilating asimil-itsju
assimilation asimil-enie
assimilations asimil-enie-s
assist pomoc-it
assistance pomoc
assistant pomoc-nik
assistant nurse pomoc-ju opeka-tel
assistant nurses pomoc-ju opeka-tel-is
assistants pomoc-nik-is
assisted pomoc-il
associate tovaricx
associated asoc-ilju
associates tovaricx-is
association asoc-ia
Association South-East Asian Nations Asocia Jug-Vosktokju Azju Narodifs.
associations asoc-ia-s
assort sort-it
assorted heterogen-ju
assortment smes
assortments smes-is
assume prina-t
assumption prina-tie
assumptions prina-tie-s
assurance za-ver-enie
assurances za-ver-enie-s
assure za-ver-it
assured za-ver-ilju
Assyria Asiur-ia
assyrian   asiur-ju
astatine astat
asteroid asteroid
asteroidal asteroid-ju
asteroid-like asteroid-podob-ju
asteroids asteroid-is
asthma astma
asthmatic astma-nik
asthmatics astma-nik-is
astonish udiv-it
astonished udiv-ilju
astonishing udiv-ju
astonishingly udiv-uo
astonishment udiv
astonishments udiv-is
astound  iz-um-it 
astounded iz-um-ilju
astounding iz-um-itsju
astrological astrolog-ju
astrologically astrolog-uo
astrologist astrolog-ist
astrologists astrolog-ist-is
astrology astrolog-ia
astronaut kozmos-naut-nik
astronautic kozmos-naut-ju
astronautics kozmos-naut-ia
astronauts kozmos-naut-nik-is
astronomer astronom-nik
astronomers astronom-nik-is
astronomical astronom-vel-ju
astronomical unit astronom-ju edinc
astronomical units astronom-ju edinc-is
astronomically astronom-uo
astronomically big astronom-velju
astronomy astronom-ia
astrophysicist astro-fiz-nik
astrophysicists astro-fiz-nik-is
astrophysics astro-fiz-ia
astute hitr-ju
Asuncion Asuncion
asylum azil
asylum seeker azil-nik
asylum seekers azil-nik-is
asylums azil-is
asymmetrical bez-simetr-ju
asymmetrically bez-simetr-uo
asymmetry bez-simetr-ia
asynchronous ne-sinhron-ju
at u
at a time po 
at all nikai
at disposal do-stup-ju
at first perv
at gunpoint posred oruzxie
at home vo domo
at large voln-ju
at least pri-nai-mensx
at once tut-cxas-uo
at present tper
at that time ta-gda
at the expense of na scxot
at the same time so-vrem-uo
at the time of vo vrem
Atacama desert Pustinia Atakama
Atheism Ate-izm
Atheist Ate-ist
Atheistic Ate-ist-ju
Atheists Ate-ist-is
athelete atlet-nik
atheletes atlet-nik-is
Athens Aten
Athens suburb Aten-ju pri-grod
athlete atlet-nik
athletes atlet-nik-is
athletic atlet-ju
athletics atlet-ia
atlantic Atlant-okean-ju
Atlantic Ocean Atlant-okean
Atlapulco Atlapulko
atlas atlas
atlases atlas-is
atmosphere atmosfer
atmospheres atmosfer-is
atmospheric atmosfer-ju
atom atom
atom smasher atom-ju raz-bor-itor
atom smashers atom-ju raz-bor-itor
atomary atom-ju
atomic atom-ju
atomic bomb atom-ju bomb
atomic bombard atom-bomb-it
atomic bombardment atom-bomb-enie
atomic bombardments atom-bomb-enie-s
atomic bombs atom-ju bomb-is
atomic submarine atom-podlodka
atomic war atom-voina
atomic wars atom-voina-s
atoms atom-is
atrocious zver-zlo-ju
atrocious act zver-zlo
atrocious acts zver-zlo-s
atrocities zver-zlo-s
atrocity zver-zlo
attack napad
attack helicopter napad=vrotlet
attack helicopters napad=vrotlet-is
attack rocket napad-raket
attack rockets napad-raket-is
attacked napad-ilju
attacker napad-itel
attackers napad-itel-is
attacks napad-is
attach pri-skrep-it
attache cxinov-nik
attaches cxinov-nik-s
attachment pri-skrep-enie
attachments pri-skrep-enie-s
attain dosag-it
attainability dosag-imost
attainable dosag-imju
attainment dosag-enie
attainments dosag-enies
attainments dosag-enie-s
attempt po-proba
attempted proba-lju
attempted embezzlement proba prisvoienief
attempted murder proba ubitief
attempting proba-tsju
attempts po-proba-s
attend ucxast-it
attendance ucxast-ie
attendant nad-zir-nik
attendants nad-zir-nik-is
attended ucxast-il
attending ucxast-itsju
attention vnima-nie
attention! vnima-nie!
attentive vnima-tsju
attentively vnima-tsuo
attic mansard
attics mansard-is
attitude pozic-ia
attitudes pozic-ia-s
attract pri-tiaga-t
attracted pri-tiaga-lju
attracting pri-tiaga-tsju
attraction pri-tiaga-nie
attractions pri-tiaga-nie-s
attractive pri-tiaga-tsju
ATV vse-poverhju voz
ATV's vse-poverhju voz-is
AU Afrik-soiuz
auction aukcion
auction house aukcion-ilna
auction houses aukcion-ilna-s
auction off aukcion-it
auctioneer aukcion-ist
auctioneers aukcion-ist-is
auctions aukcion-is
audibility slisx-imost
audible slisx-imju
audibly slisx-imuo
audience audienc-ia
audiences audienc-ia-s
audio zvuk-ju
audiotape zvuk-tasma
audiotapes zvuk-tasma-s
audit scxot-prover-ka
audited scxot-prover-ilju
auditor scxot-prover-itel
auditors scxot-prover-itel-is
audits scxot-prover-ka-s
augment velicx-it
augmentation velicx-enie
augmentations velicx-enie-s
augmentative velicx-itsju
augmented velicx-itju
August August
aunt u-mama
aunts u-mama-s
aura oreol
auras oreol-is
aurora raz-svet
auroras raz-svet-is
auscultate vi-slisx-it
auscultation vi-slisx-enie
Auschwiz Osviencxim
Auschwiz-Birkenau Ausxvic-Birkenau
auspice pred-znak
auspices za-sxtit
auspicious nadezx-ju
austere strog-ju
austerity strog-ost
austerity measures ekonom-plan
Australia Austral-ia
australian austral-ju
Australian Aborigine Austral-ju Aborig-nik
Australian Aborigines Austral-ju Aborig-nik-is
Austria Austr-ia
austrian   austr-ju
Austro-Hungarian Empire Austruo-Madarju imper
authentic pravda-vern-ju
authentically pravda-vern-uo
authenticate pravda-vern-it
authentication pravda-vern-enie
authentications pravda-vern-enie-s
authenticity pravda-vern-ost
author autor
author rights autor-pravo
authorisation poln-moc-enie
authorisations poln-moc-enie-s
authorise poln-moc-it
authorised poln-moc-ilju
authoritarian autoritar-ju
authoritarianism autoritar-izm
authoritative autoritet-ju
authoritatively autoritet-uo
authoritativeness autoritet-ost
authorities autoritet-is
authority autoritet
authorization autoriz-enie
authorizations autoriz-enie-s
authorize autoriz-it
authorized autoriz-ilju
authors autor-is
autism autizm
autistic autizm-ju
autistic person autizm-nik
autistic persons autizm-nik-is
auto auto
auto worker automobil-trud-nik
auto worker union automobil-promislju trud-soiuz
auto workers automobil-trud-nik-is
autobahn auto-dorog
autobahns auto-dorog-is
autocephalous sam-stoin-ju
automaker automobil-trud-nik
automakers automobil-trud-nik-is
automat automat
automate automat-iz-it
automated automat-iz-ilju
automatic automat-ju
automatic bread oven automatju pecxina dla hleb
automatic device samo=
automatic docking manoeuvre automatju pristan-manevr
automatic rifle automat-ju gvintovka
automatic rifle with grenade launcher automatju gvintovka s granat-met
automatic rifles automat-ju gvintovka-s
automatic washing machine automatju samo-pracx
automatical automat-ju
automatically automat-uo
automation automat-iz-acia
automations automat-iz-acia-s
automatism automat-izm
automaton automat
automatons automat-is
automats automat-is
automobile automobil
automobile factories automobil-zavod-is
automobile factory automobil-zavod
automobile industries automobil-promisl
automobile industry automobil-promisl
automobile manufacturer automobil-firma
automobile manufacturers automobil-firma-s
automobile ralley automobil-rale
automobile ralleys automobil-rale-s
automobiles automobil-is
autonomies autonom-ia-s
autonomous autonom-ju
autonomously autonom-uo
autonomy autonom-ia
autopsies autops-ia-s
autopsy autops-ia
autos auto-s
Autumn Osen
autumn Osen
auxiliary pomoc-ju
avail vigod
avail oneself of profit-it iz
availability do-stup-ost
availability in your area dostupost vo vasx oblast
available do-stup-ju
avails vigod-is
avalanche lavin
avalanches lavin-is
Avar Avarnik
Avars Avarnik-is
avenge pomst-it
avenged pomst-ilju
avengeful pomst-ju
avenger pomst-itel
avengers pomst-itel-is
avenue avenu
avenues avenu-s
average sred-normal-ju
averageness sred-normal-ost
averse ne-ohot-ju
aversely ne-ohot-uo
aversion ot-vrat-enie
aversions ot-vrat-enie-s
avert ot-vrat-it
avertable ot-vrat-im-ju
averted ot-vrat-ilju
avertible ot-vrat-im-ju
avian ptak-ju
avian flu ptak-ju grip
avian flues ptak-ju grip-is
avian influenza ptak-ju grip
aviation aviac-ia
aviation base aviac-baz
aviation bases aviac-bazas
aviation catastrophe aviac-katastrof
aviation catastrophes aviac-katastrof-is
aviation companies aviac-firma-s
aviation company aviac-firma
aviation expert aviacju ekspertnik
aviation firm aviac-firma
aviation firms aviac-firma-s
aviation fuel aviac-ju tepl-ivo
aviation fuels aviac-ju tepl-ivo-s
aviation industries aviac-promisl
aviation industry aviac-promisl
aviation raid aviac-nalet
aviation raids aviac-nalet-is
aviation technologies aviac-ju tehnolog-ia-s
aviation technology aviac-ju tehnolog-ia
aviator aviac-nik
aviators aviac-nik-is
aviso aviz
avocado avokado
avoid izbezx-it
avoidable ob-hod-imju
avoidance stron-enie
avoided stron-il
avow pri-zna-t
avowed pri-zna-lju
avowed patriot pro-glos-ilju patriot
avowed patriots pri-zna-lju patriot-is
await o-cxeka-t
awaited o-cxeka-lju
awaiting o-cxeka-tsju
awake probud-ilju
awaken probud-it
awakened probud-ilju
awakening probud-enie
awakenings probud-enie-s
award nagrad
awarded nagrad-il
awarding nagrad-itsju
awards nagrad-is
aware pritom-ju
awareness pritom-ost
away procx
away from procx ot
awe strah
awesome groza-ju
awful ot-vrat-ju
awfully uzxas-uo
awkward ne-zrucx-ju
awkwardly ne-zrucx-uo
awkwardness ne-zrucx-ost
awning naves
awnings naves-is
awry kriv-ju
ax topor
axe topor
axial os-ju
axis os
ayatollah aiatol-nik
ayatollahs aiatol-nik-is
Azerbaijan Azerb-ia
azerbaijani   azerb-ju
Azov Sea Azov-ju mor-ie
Aztec Aztek-ju
Aztec culture Aztekju kultur
Aztec language Aztek-io
babble belkot
babies bebi-s
baboon babuin
baboons babuin-is
baby bebi
baby boy bebi-sin
baby boys bebi-sin-is
baby carriage bebi-vozek
baby carriages bebi-vozek-is
baby diaper bebi-pelena
baby diapers bebi-pelena-s
baby food bebi-eda
baby foods bebi-eda-s
baby formula bebi-mlek
baby formulas bebi-mlek-is
baby girl bebi-docx
baby girls bebi-docx-is
back vzad
back up vzad-id-it
backbone hrebet-stolp
backbones hrebet-stolp-is
backed podpor-itju
backed by podpor-itju ot
background zad-pole
backgrounds zad-pole-s
backhoe ekskava-t-or
backhoes ekskava-t-or-is
backing podpor
backlash otvet
backlog zapas
backlog of orders ne-vi-poln-ilju zakaz-is
backpack hrebet-sak
backpacker ranec-nik
backpackers ranec-nik-is
backpacks hrebet-sak-is
backside hrebet
backsides hrebet-is
backslash vzad-sklon
backstage za-kulisa-ju
backstage dealings za-kulisa-ju mahinac-ias
backstories za-kulisa-ju raport-is
backstory za-kulisa-ju raport
back-taxes vzad-nalog-is
backtrack vzad-ber-it
backtracking anul-enie
backup dubl-it
backward nazad
backwardly nazad-uo
backwardness nazad-ost
backwards vzad
backwash posled-ok
backyard zad-ju dvor
backyards zad-ju dvor-is
bacon slanina
bacons slanina-s
bacteria bakter-is
bacterial bakter-ju
bacteriological bakter-nauk-ju
bacteriologist bakter-nauk-nik
bacteriologists bakter-nauk-nik-is
bacteriology bakter-nauk
bacterium bakter
Bactrian camel dva-gorb-ju verblud
Bactrian camels dva-gorb-ju verblud-is
bad bez-dobr-ju
bad blood gnev
bad spirits nepriatju duhis
badly bez-dobr-uo
badminton badminton
badness bez-dobr-ost
baffle smesxa-t
baffled smesxa-lju
baffling smesxa-tsju
bag mesxok
bagatelize bagatel-it
bagatelle bagatel
baggage bagazx
Baghdad Bagdad
bagpipe bolinka
bagpiper bolinka-tel
bagpipers bolinka-tel-is
bagpipes bolinka
bags mesxok-is
bahaman   bahama-ju
Bahaman person Bahama-nik
Bahaman persons Bahama-nik-is
Bahamas Bahama
Bahrain Bahrain
Bahrainian Bahrain-nik
Bahrainians Bahrain-nik-is
bachelor bez-zxen-ic
bachelors bez-zxen-ic-is
Baikal Baikal
Baikal region Baikal-ia
bail sud-zalog
bailiff sud-vi-poln-itel
bailiffs sud-vi-poln-itel-is
bails sud-zalog-is
bait pri-man-ka
baited pri-man-ka-ju
baiting pri-man-ka-nie
baits pri-man-ka-s
Baja California Niz-Kalifornju polostrov
bake pecx-it
baked pecx-ilju
baked alive zxizn-uo pecx-ilju
baker pecx-nik
bakeries pecx-alna-s
bakers pecx-nik-is
bakery pecx-alna
baking pecx-enie
baking hot sun pecx-itsju goracx-ju sunce
baking powder pecx-prosxok
baking soda pecx-soda
baking sun pecx-itsju sunce
balalaika balalaik
balalaika musician balalaik-nik
balalaika musicians balalaik-nik-is
balalaika player balalaik-nik
balalaika players balalaik-nik-is
balalaikas balalaik-is
balance rovn-vazx-ie
balance sheet balans-pis
balance sheets balans-pis-is
balanced rovn-vazx-ju
balances rovn-vazx-ie-s
Balaton Bolot-ozero
balconies balkon-is
balcony balkon
bald bez-vlos-ju
balding vlos-utrat-itsju
baldness bez-vlos-ost
bale bala
bales bala-s
Bali Bali
Bali Treaty Bali-ju Do-gvor
Balkan Balkan
balkanization baklan-iz-enie
balkanize balkan-iz-it
balkanized balkan-iz-ilju
Balkans Balkan
ball miacx
ball catcher miacx-poima-tel
ball catchers miacx-poima-tel-is
ballad balada
ballads balada-s
ballet balet
ballet dancer balet-ju tanc-nik
ballet dancers balet-ju tanc-nik-is
ballistic balist-ju
ballistic missile balist-raket
ballistic missiles balist-raket-is
ballistics balist-ia
balloon balon
ballooning balon-enie
balloonist balon-ist
balloonists balon-ist-is
balloons balon-is
balloon-tyre balon-koles
balloon-tyres balon-koles-is
ballot glos-enie
ballot box glos-klet
ballot boxes glos-klet-is
ballot list spis glos-itel-ifs
ballot paper glos-dokument
ballot papers glos-dokument-is
balloting glos-enie
ballotings glos-enie-s
ballots glos-enie-s
balls miacx-is
balm balzam
balms balzam-is
balmy utesx-itsju
baloney bez-misl
Baltic balt-mor-ie
Baltic fleet Balt-ju flot
Baltic fleets Balt-ju flot-is
Baltic region Balt-ia
Baltic regions Pri-balt-ia
Baltic republics pribaltju republikis
Baltic sea balt-mor-ie
Baluchistan Baluhi-zem
bamboo bambuk
bamboos bambuk-is
ban zabran
banal banal-ju
banalities banal-ost-is
banality banal-ost
banalize banal-iz-it
banana banan
banana belt banan-zona
banana bread banan-hleb
banana breads banan-hleb-is
banana cake banan-tort
banana cakes banan-tort-is
banana plantation banan-ju plantac-ia
banana republic banan-ju republik
banana republics banan-ju republik-is
banana state banan-ju sxtat
banana tycoon bananju velmozxnik
banana union banan-soiuz
banana unions banan-soiuz-is
bananas banan-is
band sviaz
Banda Aceh Banda-Acxe
bandage   bandazx
bandages bandazx-is
bandit band-nik
bandits band-nik-is
bands sviaz-is
bandwidth obiem
bandwidths obiem-is
bang buha-t
Bangalore Bangalor
banging buha-nie
bangings buha-nie-s
Bangladesh Bangladesx
bangladeshi bangladesx-ju
banister rukohvat
banisters rukohvat-is
bank bank
bank account bank-scxot
bank accounts bank-scxot-is
bank cheater bank-obman-itel
bank cheaters bank-obman-itel-is
banker bank-nik
bankers bank-nik-is
banking bank-enie
banking firm bank-ju firma
banking firms bank-firma-s
banking regulator bank-ju regul-itel
banking regulators bank-ju regul-itel-is
banking sector bank-sektor
banking sectors bank-sektor-is
banking system bank-sistem
banking systems bank-sistem-is
banknote banknot
banknotes banknot-is
bankrobber bank-razboi-nik
bankrobbers bank-razboi-nik-is
bankrolling financ-enie
bankrollings financ-enie-s
bankrupt bankrot-ju
bankruptcies bankrot-is
bankruptcy bankrot
bankruptcy filing pred-lozx-enie bankrot-uf
banks bank-is
banned zabran-ilju
banner nad-pis
banners nad-pis-is
banning zabran-itsju
bans zabran-is
baptise krest-it
baptism krest-imen-ie
baptisms krest-imen-ie-s
Baptist Bapt-ist
Baptists Bapt-ist-is
baptize krest-imen-it
bar ticx
bar code cxerta-kod
bar codes cxerta-kod-is
barb kolucx 
barbadian barbados-ju
Barbados Barbados
barbadosan barbados-ju
barbarian barbar-nik
barbarians barbar-nik-is
barbaric barbar-ju
barbarism barbar-izm
barbarisms barbar-izm-is
barbarity barbar-stvo
barbarous barbar-ju
barbecue zxar-enie
barbed kolucx-ju
barbed wire kolucx-provlokno
barbed wires kolucx-provlokno-s
barbel somc
barbels somc-is
barber britva-nik
barbers britva-nik-is
barbs kolucx-is
bare gol-ju
bared obnazx-ilju
barefoot gol-nog-ju
barefooted gol-nog-ju
bareheaded gol-glov-ju
bare-knuckled brutal-ju
barelegged gol-noga-ju
bare-legged gol-noga-ju
barely edva
bareness gol-ost
Barents sea Barenc-mor-ie
bargain dobrju zakup
bargains dobrju zakup-is
barge barka
barges barka-s
baric baro-ju
barium  barium
bark kora
barking gavka-nie
barks kora-s
barley jacxmen
barling zxerd
barlings zxerd-is
barman bufet-nik
barmen bufet-nik-is
barn gumno
barns gumno-s
barometer baro-mer
barometers baro-mer-is
barometric baro-mer-ju
baron baron
baroness baron-ica
baronesses baron-ica-s
barons baron-is
barony baron-stvo
Baroque barok
barrack barak
barracks kazarma-s
barrage serial
barrages serial-is
barrel bocxka
barrel ahead spesx-it vpred
barrels bocxka-s
barricade barikad
barricaded barikad-ilju
barricades barikad-is
barrier barier
barriers barier-is
barrow tacxka
barrows tacxka-s
bars ticx-is
bartender bufet-nik
bartenders bufet-nik-is
base baza
baseball beisbol
baseball bat beisbol-palka
baseball bats beisbol-palka-s
baseball glove beisbolju naruk
baseball player beisbol-nik
baseball players beisbol-nik-is
baseball team beisbol-grup
baseball teams beisbol-grup-is
baseballs beisbol-is
based baz-ilju
based in baz-ilju v
based on osnov-ilju om
based upon osnov-ilju om
Basel Bazel
basement pod-etazx
basements pod-etazx-is
bases baza-s
bash pob-it
bashed pob-ilju
bashing pob-itie
bashing pob-itie-s
basic osnov-ju
basic building block osnov-ju kloda
basic building block of the Universe osnovju kloda Kozmosuf
basic building blocks osnov-ju kloda-s
basic facts osnov-ju fakt-is
basic goods osnovju tovar
basic needs osnovju tovar
basically osnov-uo
basics osnov
basil bazila
basilica bazilika
basilicas bazilika-s
basin niz-ina
basins niz-ina-s
basis osnov
basket kosx
basketball kosx-miacx
basketballs kosx-miacx-is
baskets kosx-is
basque bask-ju
Basque land Bask-ia
Basquiland Bask-ia
bastard podlec
bastards podlec-is
bastardy podlec-ju
Bastille Bastila
bastion bastion
bastions bastion-is
bat palka
bath kupa-nie
bathe kupa-t
bather kupa-tel
bathers kupa-tel-is
bathing kupa-nie
bathing costume kupa-kostium
bathing costumes kupa-kostium-is
bathing suit plava-kostium
bathing suits plava-kostium-is
bathings kupa-nie-s
bathroom kupa-lna
bathrooms kupa-lna-s
baths kupa-nie-s
bathtub vana 
bathtubs vana-s
bathyscaphe batiskaf
bathyscaphe sailor batiskaf-nik
bathyscaphe sailors batiskaf-nik-is
bathyscaphes batiskaf-is
batch partida
batches partida-s
batman let-misx-nik
batmen let-misx-nik-is
baton gum-palka
batons gum-palka-s
bats palka-s
battalion batalion
battalions batalion-is
batter pob-it
battered pob-ilju
batteries bater-ia-s
battering pob-itie
battering-ram taran
battering-rams taran-is
batterings pob-itie-s
battery bater-ia
battle bitva
Battle of Poltava Poltavaju bitva
Battle of Stalingrad Stalingrad-ju bitva
battlefield voina-pole
battlefield deception voina-ju iluz-ia
battlefield deceptions voina-ju iluz-ia-s
battlefields voina-pole-s
battle-hardened bitva-tverd-ilju
battles bitva-s
battleship voina-lodka
battleships voina-lodka-s
Bavaria Bavar-ia
bavarian   bavar-ju
bay zaliv
bay area zalivju oblast
bay leaf lavr-ju list
bay leaves lavr-ju list-is
Bay of Bengal Bengal-ju Zaliv
bay tree lavr-ju drev
bay trees lavr-ju drev-is
bays zaliv-is
bazaar bazar
bazaars bazar-is
BBQ zxar-enie
be but
be able mozx-it
be awake bd-it
be born zrod-it
be called imen-it
be conscious pritom-it
be glad radost-it
be going to bu 
be happy radost-it
be herself sam
be right ima-t pravda
be sick bolez-it
be silent molcx-it
beacon maiak
beacon of liberty maiak svobod-uf
beacons maiak-is
beach plazx
beach town plazx-grod
beach towns plazx-grod-is
beached na-plazx-ilju
beaches plazx-is
beachfront u-plazx-ie
beachfronts u-plazx-ie-s
beak kluv
beaks kluv-is
beam lucx
beams lucx-is
bean fasol
bean soup fasolju sup
beans fasol-is
bear medved
beard broda
beards broda-s
bearhug obnim
bearhugs obnim-is
bearing nes-itsju
bearish medved-ju
bears medved-is
beast zver
beastly zver-ju
beasts zver-is
beat udar-it
beat up pob-it
beaten pob-ilju
beaten up pob-ilju
beatific blago-slov-ju
beatifical blago-slov-ju
beatification blago-slov-enie
beatified blago-slov-ilju
beatify blago-slov-it
beating pob-itie
beatings pob-itie-s
beauties krasiv-nica-s
beautiful krasiv-ju
beautifully krasiv-uo
beauty krasiv-ost
beauty clinic krasiv-klinik
beauty clinics krasiv-klinik-is
beauty competition konkur krasostuf
beauty surgery krasiv-hirurg-ia
beaver bobr
beaver dam bobr-ju damba
beaver dams bobr-ju damba-s
beavers bobr-is
became stat-il
became insane bez-um-il
because ibo 
because of usled
beckon o-cxaro-vit
become stat-it
become ill za-bolez-it
become insane bez-um-it
become legal statit zakonju
become older star-it
become sick za-bolez-it
becoming stat-itsju
becoming extinct vimira-t
bed postel
bed cover postel-krisx
bed covers postel-krisx-is
bed sheet prostr-ina
bed sheets prostr-ina-s
bed spread nad-prostr-ina
bed spreads nad-prostr-ina-s
bedbug postel-zxuk
bedbugs postel-zxuk-is
bedclothes postel-tkan
bedding postel-tkan
beddings postel-tkan-is
bedroom spat-ilna
bedrooms spat-ilna-s
beds postel-is
bedsore prolezxen
bedsores prolezxen-is
bedtime spat-vrem
bed-wetting postel=mocxanie
bee pcxel
beef goviad-ivo
beef jerky suh-ju goviad-ivo
beef up krepk-it
beefed up krepk-ilju
beefsteak biftek
beefsteaks biftek-is
beefy miaso-ju
beefy muskul-ju
beehive pcxel-dom
beehives pcxel-dom-is
beech buk
beeches buk-is
beechwood buk-drevno
been bil
beep klakson-it
beer pivo
beer fest pivo-festival
beer fests pivo-festival-is
beer room pivo-lna
beer rooms pivo-lna-s
beers pivo-s
bees pcxel-is
beet repa
beetle muha-k
beetles muha-k-is
beets repa-s
befall slucx-it
befallen udar-il-ju
before pred
before due pred-potreb-uo
before Christ pred Krist
before term pred-vrem-ju
beforehand unapred
befriend s-priatel-it
befriended s-priatel-ju
beg pros-it
began start-il
beget porod-it
beggar pros-nik
beggars pros-nik-is
begging pros-enie
beggings pros-enie-s
begin start-it
beginner start-nik
beginners start-nik-is
beginning nacxatek
beginnings nacxatek-is
begrudge zavist-it
begrudged zavist-ilju
begrudging zavist-itsju
begun nacx-ilju
behave postupa-t
behavior postupa-nie
behaviors postupa-nie-s
behead o-bez-glov-it
beheaded o-bez-glov-ilju
beheading o-bez-glov-enie
beheadings o-bez-glov-enie-s
behemoth gigant
behemoths gigant-is
behind pozad
behind the scenes za-kulisa-ju
beholder poklon-nik
beholders poklon-nik-is
Beijing Pekin
being ktor es
being cloned klon-itju
being exterminated gub-itju
being rigged manipul-itju
Belarus Belarus-ia
Belarussia Belarus-ia
belarussian belarus-ju
belgian belg-ju
Belgium Belg-ia
Belgrade Belgrad
Belgradian Belgrad-nik
Belgradians Belgrad-nik-is
belch riga-t
belching riga-nie
belching volcano is spewing lava rigatsju vulkan es izvergitsju lava
belchings riga-nie-s
belief ver-enie
beliefs ver-enie-s
believe ver-it
believe in ver-it vo
believer ver-nik
believers ver-nik-is
believing ver-itsju
belittle u-mensx-it
Belize Beliz
belize beliz-ju
bell zvon
bellflower zvoncxok
bellflowers zvoncxok-is
bellicose agres-ju
bellicosity agres-ia
bellies bruho-s
belligerency agres-ia
belligerent agres-ju
bellows kovarju mieh-is
bells zvon-is
belly bruho
belong nalezx-it
belong to nalezx-it om
belonged nalezx-il
belonging nalezx-itsju
belongings ima-nie
beloved lub-itju
below nizx
belt remen
belting remen-udar-enie
beltings remen-udar-enie-s
belts remen-is
bemoan o-placx-it
bemoaned o-placx-itju
bemoaning o-placx-itsju
bemuse zabav-it
bemusement zabav-enie
bemusements zabav-enie-s
bend sognu-t
bend over sognu-t
beneath pod
beneficial vigod-ju
benefit vigod
benefits vigod-is
Benes Benesx
Benes decrees Benesxvoi dekretis
Bengal Bengal-ju
Bengaluru Bangalor
bench lavka
benches lavka-s
benchmark opora-znak
benchmarks opora-znak-is
benign ne-opas-ju
Benin Benin
beninan benin-ju
bent sognu-lju
berate proklin-it
berated proklin-il
berating proklin-enie
beratings proklin-enie-s
bereave pozbav-it
bereaved zxal-ju
bereavement zxal
Bering Strait Beringvoi Prohod
berkelium berklium
Berlin Berlin
Berlin Wall Berlin-ju stena
Bermuda Bermuda
bermudan bermuda-ju
Berne Bern
Bernese Bern-ju
berries zerno-plod-is
berry zerno-plod
berserk sxal-ju
beryllium berilium
beside pri
besides popri
besides other topics popri inju temis
besiege ob-lezx-it
besieged ob-lezx-ilju
besieger ob-lezx-itel
besiegers ob-lezx-itel-is
beslaver ob-sliun-it
beslobber ob-sliun-it
besmear ob-maza-t
besmirch ob-maza-t
besom metla
besoms metla-s
best nai-dobrju
bestow ob-dar-it
bestowed ob-dar-ilju
bestseller nai-prodazx
bestsellers nai-prodazx-is
bet pari
betray dover-lom-it
betrayal dover-lom-enie
betrayals dover-lom-enie-s
bets pari-s
better dobr-jusx
betting pari-tie
bettings pari-tie-s
between mezx
between four eyes mezx cxir ocx-is
bevacizumab bevacizumab
bevel skos
bevels skos-is
beverage pit-ivo
beverages pit-ivo-s
Beware of him who hates the laugh of a child! Ostrozxij tamktor kto nenavidijt deteju smeh!
beware! ostrozx-ij!
bewitch o-cxaro-vit
bewitched o-cxaro-vilju
beyond vne
beyond control ne-kontrol-imju
bezel skos
bezels skos-is
Bhutan Bhutan
Bhutanian Bhutan-an
Bhutanians Bhutan-an-is
bhutanic bhutan-ju
bias uklon
biased uklon-ju
biased against uklonju proti
biased towards uklonju k
biases uklon-is
biathlon dva-atlon
biathlons dva-atlon-is
Bible Bibl-ia
Bibles Bibl-ia-s
biblical Bibl-ju
bicker spor-it
bickering spor
bickerings spor-is
bicycle velo
bicycles velo-s
bid pred-lozx
bid farewell procxta-t
bidding pred-lozx-enie
biddings pred-lozx-enie-s
bids pred-lozx-is
biennale dva-rocx-vistav
biennales dva-rocx-vistav-is
big vel-ju
Big Bang Ogrom-ju Udar
Big Bang cosmological theory kozmoslogju teoria Ogromju Udaruf
big bird vel-ptak
big birds vel-ptak-is
big business mega-biznes
big businesses mega-biznes-is
big format vel-format-ju
bigger vel-jusx
biggest nai-vel-ju
bike velo
bikes velo-s
bikini bikini
bikinis bikini-s
bilateral dva-storon-ju
bile zxolcx
biles zxolcx-is
bilingual dva-jazika-ju
bill scxot
billed scxot-ilju
billiard biliard
billiards biliard-is
billing scxot-enie
billings scxot-enie-s
billion giga-lion
billion barrels of oil gigalion bocxkas neftuf
billion billions eksa-lion
billion transistors giga-lion tranzistor-is
billionaire giga-dolar-nik
billionaires giga-dolar-nik-is
billions giga-lion-is
billions giga-lion-is
billionth giga-lion-ju
bills scxot-is
bi-monthly dva-mesacxju
bi-monthly publication dva-mesacxju gazet
binary dvoin-ju
binational dva-narod-ju
bind viaz-it 
binding viaz-enie
bindings viaz-enie-s
binge obses-ju
binge drinking obsesju pitie
binge gaming obsesju igranie
binocular dva-ocx-ju
binoculars dva-gled
bioengineering bio-inzxener-ie
biographer bio-graf-nik
biographers bio-graf-nik-is
biographic bio-graf-ju
biographical bio-graf-uo
biographies bio-graf-ia-s
biography bio-graf-ia
biologic biolog-ju
biological biolog-ju
biological parent biologju zroditel
biologically biolog-uo
biologist biolog-nik
biologists biolog-nik-is
biology biolog-ia
biometric biomer-ju
biometrical biomer-ju
biometrics biomer-ia
biomimicry bio-podob-enie
bionic bio-mehan-ju
bionics bio-mehan-ia
biopharmaceutical bio-farmac-ju
biorhythm bio-ritm
biorhythms bio-ritm-is
bipartisan dva-parta-ju
biped dva-nog-zver
bipedal dva-nog-ju
bipeds dva-nog-zver-is
biplane dva-krilo-let
biplanes dva-krilo-let-is
bird ptak
bird farm ptak-ferma
bird farms ptak-ferma-s
bird flu ptak-ju grip
bird flu pandemic pandemia ptakju gripuf
bird flues ptak-ju grip-is
bird nests ptak-ju gnezdo-s
bird of song pesna-ptak
birdie mal-ptak
birdies mal-ptak-is
bird-like ptak-podob-ju
birds ptak-is
bird's nest ptak-ju gnezdo
birds of song pesna-ptak-is
birch breza
birch bark breza-kora
birch barks breza-kora-s
birches breza-s
birth porod
birth clinic porod-klinik
birth clinics porod-klinik-is
birth of a star zrod-enie zvezd-uf
birth of national pride zrodenie narodju gordostuf
birth rate porod-im-ost
birth rates porod-im-ost
birth subsidies porod-subsid-ia-s
birth subsidy porod-subsid-ia
birthdate den zrod-enie-f
birthdates den-is zrod-enie-f
birthday zrod-den
birthday parties zrodden-zabav-is
birthday party zrodden-zabav
birthdays zrod-den-is
birthmark zrod-znak
birthmarks zrod-znak-is
birthplace mesto zrod-enie-f
birthplace zrod-isxtie
birthplaces mesto-s zrod-enie-f
birthplaces zrod-isxtie-s
birthrate porod-im-ost
birthrates porod-im-ost
births porod-is
biscuit pecx-ivo
biscuits pecx-ivo-s
bishop ebiskup
bishopric ebiskup-stvo
bishops ebiskup-is
bismuth bizmut
bit kusok
bit torrent kiber-ju po-tok
bit torrents kiber-ju po-tok-is
bite kus-it
bite off ot-kus-it
bits kusok-is
bitten kus-ilju
bitten off ot-kus-ilju
bitter gork-ju
bitter cold mnog holod-ju
bitterly cold mnog holod-uo
bitterness gork-ost
bizarre stran-ju
bizarrely stran-uo
black cxern-ju
Black Africa Cxern-afrik
Black African cxern-afrik-ju
black and white cxern-bel-ju
black box cxern-klet
black boxes cxern-klet-is
Black Friday Cxernju Piatek
black hole cxern-ju dira
black holes cxern-ju dira-s
black list cxern-ju spis
black lists cxern-ju spis-is
black out za-cxern-it
black race cxern-ras
Black Sea Cxernju mor-ie
Black Sea port Cxernmorju port
blackberries brusnika-s
blackberry brusnika
blackbird drozd
blackbirds drozd-is
blackboard sxkol-doska
blacklisted zabran-ilju
blackmail sxantazx
blackmailed sxantazx-il
blackmailed sxantazx-ilju
blackmailer sxantazx-ist
blackmailers sxantazx-ist-is
blackmailing sxantazx-enie
blackmailings sxantazx-enie-s
blackmails sxantazx-is
blackness cxern-ost
black-skinned cxern-kozxa-ju
blacksmith kova-r
blacksmiths kova-r-is
bladder mehur
bladders mehur-is
blade ostr-ie
blades ostr-ie-s
blame obvin-it
blame for vin-it za
blame game obvin=igra
blame games obvin=igra-s
blamed obvin-ilju
blamed for vin-ilju za
blaming obvin-itsju
blank pust-ju
blanket pokrov
blankets pokrov-is
blare gromk-uo trub-it
blared trub-il
blaring gromk-ju
blaring TV gromkju TV
blaspheme bozx-u-niz-it
blasphemous bozx-u-niz-ju
blasphemy bozx-u-niz-enie
blast vzriv
blast off vzlet-it
blasted vzriv-ilju
blasted off vzlet-il
blasts vzriv-is
blatant krikliv-ju
blatantly krikliv-uo
blaze pozxar
blazes pozxar-is
blazing pal-itsju
bleach bel-ju-vit
bleacher bel-ivo
bleachers bel-ivo-s
bleak hmur-ju
bleak outlook hmur-ju po-gled
bleak outlooks hmur-ju po-gled-is
bleakly hmur-uo
bleakness hmur-ost
bled krev-il
bled to death iz-krev-il na smert
bleed krev-it
bleed out iz-krev-it
bleed to death iz-krev-it  na smert
bleeding krev-itsju
bleeding profusely krev-itsju dostacx-uo
blemish defekt
blemished defekt-ju
blemishes defekt-is
blend smes
blended smes-ilju
blender smes-itor
blenders smes-itor-is
blending smes-enie
blendings smes-enie-s
blends smes-is
bless blago-vit
blessing blago
blessings blago-s
blight plesn
blighty plesn-ju
blimp balon-korab
blimps balon-korab-is
blind slep-ju
blind person slep-nik
blind persons slep-nik-is
blinded o-slep-ilju
blindfold ocx-viaz-it
blindfolded ocx-viaz-ju
blindfolding ocx-viaz-enie
blindfoldings ocx-viaz-enie-s
blinding o-slep-itsju
blindly slep-uo
blink miga
blink of an eye ocx-miga
blinking  miga-tsju
blinks mig-is
blinks miga-s
bliss blazxen-ost
blissful blazxen-ju
blissfully blazxen-uo
blister puzir
blistering criticism ostr-ju kritik
blistering criticisms ostr-ju kritik-is
blistering speech ostr-ju recx
blistering speeches ostr-ju recx-is
blisters puzir-is
blithe krikliv-ju
blithesome vesel-ju
blizzard sneg-bur-ia
blizzards sneg-bur-ia-s
bloated opuh-ju
blob grudka
blobs grudka-s
bloc  grup
block kloda
blockade zablok-enie
blockades zablok-enie-s
blockage zablok-enie
blockages zablok-enie-s
blockbuster vel-uspeh-ju
blocked zablok-ilju
blocks kloda-s
blocs grup-is
blog blog
blogger blog-nik
bloggers blog-nik-is
blogging blog-enie
blogs blog-is
blond blond-ju
blond man blond-ic
blond men blond-ic-is
blond person blond-nik
blond persons blond-nik-is
blond woman blond-ica
blond women blond-ica-s
blood krev
blood cell krev-klet
blood cells krev-klet-is
blood corpuscle krev-klet
blood corpuscles krev-klet-is
blood donation krev-dar-enie
blood donations krev-dar-enie-s
blood donor krev-dar-nik
blood donors krev-dar-nik-is
blood infection krev-infekcia
blood pressure krev-gnet
blood revenge krev-pomst
blood revenges krev-pomst-is
blood supply krev-dovoz
blood transfusion krev-transfuz-ia
blood transfusions krev-transfuz-ia-s
blood vessel arter-zxila
blood vessels arter-zxila-s
bloodbath krev-prol-itie
bloodbaths krev-prol-itie-s
bloodboiling krev-kipe-tsju
bloodcell krev-klet
bloodcells krev-klet-is
blood-colored krev-cvet-ju
blood-coloured krev-cvet-ju
bloodcurdling uzxas-ju
bloodgroup krev-grup
bloodgroups krev-grup-is
bloodied za-krev-ilju
bloodier krevjusx
bloodiest nai-krevju
bloodiest battle nai-krevju bitva
bloodshed krev-prol-itie
bloodstain za-krev-it
bloodstained za-krev-ilju
bloodsucker piavka
bloodsuckers piavka-s
bloodsucking krev-sosa-tsju
bloodthirsty krev-glod-ju
bloody krev-ju
bloom raz-kvit
bloomed raz-kvit-il
blooming raz-kvit-itsju
blooms raz-kvit-is
blossom kvit
blossomed raz-kvit-il
blossoming raz-kvit-itsju
blossoms kvit-is
blot maza
blot out za-maza-t
blots maza-s
blouse bluza
blouses bluza-s
blow vea-t
blow away ot-vea-t
blow up vzriv
blowball oduvancxik
blowballs oduvancxik-is
blower vea-t-or
blowers vea-t-or-is
blowing duva-tsju
blowing up vzriv-enie
blown duva-tju
blown up vzriv-ilju
blow-up doll nadutimju kukla
blow-ups vzriv-is
bludgeon pri-dub-ina-t
bludgeoned pri-dub-ina-lju
blue sini-ju
blue tongue sini-jazik
blue tongues sini-jazik-is
blunder osxib-ka
blundered spotknu-l
blunderer osxib-nik
blunderers osxib-nik-is
blunderous osxib-ju
blunderously osxib-uo
blunders osxib-ka-s
blunt tup-ju
bluntly pram-uo
bluntness pram-ost
blur  bez-iasn-it
blurred bez-iasn-ilju
blush rumianc-it
blushed rumianc-il
blushing rumianc-enie
boa boa
boa constrictor boa
boa constrictors boa-s
boar svin-ic
board doska
board member cxlen komitet-uf
board members cxlen-is komitet-uf
board ship napalubit korab
board up za-doska-t
boarding v-laz-enie
boarding hall na-palub-ju zal
boarding halls na-palub-ju zal-is
boarding house meblilju komnatis
boarding pass propusk
boarding passes propusk-is
boardings v-laz-enie-s
boards doska-s
boars svin-ic-is
boas boa-s
boast hvasta-t
boasted hvasta-l
boasting hvasta-nie
boat lodka
boater lodka-tel
boaters lodka-tel-is
boating lodka-nie
boatman lodka-tel
boatmen lodka-tel-is
boats lodka-s
bodies telo-s
body telo
body armor telo-pancir
body armors telo-pancir-is
bodyarmor telo-pancir
bodyarmors telo-pancir-is
bodybag telo-sak
bodybags telo-sak-is
bodyguard gvard-nik
bodyguards gvard-nik-is
bog bolot
bogey pri-zrak
bogeys pri-zrak-is
bogs bolot-is
bogus falsx-ju
Bohemia Bohem-ia
bohrium nilsborium
boil kipe-t
boil over iz-kipe-t
boiled alive zxiv-uo kipe-tju
boiler kotel
boilers kotel-is
boiling kipe-tsju
boisterous bur-ju
boisterous laugh hohot
boisterous laughs hohot-is
boisterously bur-uo
bold smel-ju
boldly smel-uo
boldness smel-ost
Bolivia Boliv-ia
bolivian boliv-ju
Bolshevik Bolsxev-nik
Bolsheviks Bolsxev-nik-is
Bolshevism Bolsxev-izm
Bolshoi Bolsxoi
Bolshoi Theatre Bolsxoi-ju Teatr
bolster pod-derzx-it
bomb bomb
bomb back bombit vzad
bomb back into the stone age bombit vzad v kamen-eraf
bomb detector bomb-razpoznator
bomb detectors bomb-razpoznator-is
bombard bomb-it
bombardment bomb-enie
bombardments bomb-enie-s
bombastic senzac-ju
Bombay Mumbai
bomb-containing automobile zaminalju automobil
bomber bomb-nik
bomber airplane bomb-let
bomber airplanes bomb-let-is
bombers bomb-nik-is
bombing bomb-enie
bombing raid bomb-nalet
bombing raids bomb-nalet-is
bombings bomb-enie-s
bombmaker bomb-gotovitel
bombmakers bomb-gotovitel-is
bombs bomb-is
bomb-shelter bomb-ubeg-isxtie
bomb-shelters bomb-ubeg-isxtie-s
bomb-sniffing dog bomb-niuh-itsju sobak
bomb-sniffing dogs bomb-niuh-itsju sobak-is
bon apetit! priemju edanie!
bonanza pro-kvit-ie
bonanzas pro-kvit-ie-s
bond viaz
bonding viaz-enie
bondings viaz-enie-s
bonds viaz-is
bone kost
bone marrow kost-ju mozg
bone-jarring kost=tras-itsju
bone-marrow kost-sredin
boner na-tverd-ilju penis
boners na-tverd-ilju penis-is
bones kost-is
bonfire ogen
bonfire parties ogen-zabav-is
bonfire party ogen-zabav
bonfires ogen-is
bonobo bonobo
bonobos bonobo-s
bonus nagrad
bonuses nagrad-is
bony kost-ju
boo bucxa-t
booby trap lov-mina
booby trapped lov-mina-lju
booby traps lov-mina-s
booing bucxa-nie
book knig
book fair knig-ju jarmark
book fairs knig-ju jarmark-is
book format knig-ju format
book of Mormon Mormon-knig
bookbind knig-viaz-it
bookbinder knig-viaz-itel
bookbinderies knig-viaz-ilna-s
bookbinders knig-viaz-itel-is
bookbindery knig-viaz-ilna
bookbinding knig-viaz-enie
bookbindings knig-viaz-enie-s
bookcase knig-polka
bookcases knig-polka-s
bookend knig-podpor
bookends knig-podpor-is
booking office za-pisa-lna
booking offices za-pisa-lna-s
bookkeeper balans-nik
bookkeepers balans-nik-is
bookkeeping balans-enie
booklet brosxur
booklets brosxur-is
books knig-isx
bookseller knig-proda-tel
booksellers knig-proda-tel-is
bookshelf knig-polka
bookshelves knig-polka-s
bookshop knig-proda-lna
bookshops knig-proda-lna-s
boom ekonom-visx
boomer kengur-ic
boomerang bumerang
boomerangs bumerang-is
boomers kengur-ic-is
booming ekonom-visx-itsju
booms ekonom-visx-is
boon blago
boons blago-s
Boosaaso Bosaso
boost podpor-it
boosted podpor-ilju
booster podpor-itel
booster rocket nes-raket
booster rockets nes-raket-is
boosters podpor-itel-is
boosting podpor-enie
boot bota
boot up start-it
booth budka
booths budka-s
boots bota-s
border granc
border crossing granc-pere-hod
border crossings granc-pere-hod-is
border guard granc-nik
border guards granc-nik-is
border police granc-polc-ia
border policeman granc-polc-nik
border policemen granc-polc-nik-is
border region u-granc-ju oblast
border-free bez-granc-ju
bordering granc-itsju
borderline granc-ju
borders granc-is
bore znudz-it
bored znudz-ilju
boredom znudz-enie
borescope sverl-skop
borescopes sverl-skop-is
boring znudz-ju
born zrod-ilju
born prematurely zrodilju predvremuo
born prematurely pred-zrod-ilju
born to rape zrodilju znasilit
borne o-granc-ilju
Borneo Borneo
boron bor
borough grod
boroughs grod-is
borrow prina-t zaem
borrower zaem-prina-tel
borrowers zaem-prina-tel-is
borsch borwx
borscht borwx
Bosna Bosna
bosnan Bosna-ju
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosna i Hercegovin-ia
Bosnia-Herzegovina Bosna-Hercegovinia
Bosnian Bosna-nik
Bosnian Moslem Bosna-Musulmnik
Bosnian Moslems Bosna-Musulmnik-is
Bosnian Serb Bosna-Serb
Bosnian Serbs Bosna-Serb-is
Bosnians Bosna-nik-is
Bosphorus Bospor
Bosporus Bospor
boss sxef
bosses sxef-is
botanical botan-ju
botanical garden rastin-ogrod
botanical gardens rastin-ogrod-is
botanist botan-ist
botanists botan-ist-is
botany botan-ia
both ob-dva
both …  and … kak … tak i …
bother ne-spokoin-it
botch zaplata-t
botched zaplata-lju
botcher zlo-trud-nik
botchers zlo-trud-nik-is
Botswana Botsvana
Botswanan Botsvana-n
Botswanans Botsvana-n-is
botswanish botsvana-ju
bottle butilka
bottles butilka-s
bottom dno
bottom side dno-ju storon
bottom sides dno-ju storon-is
bottomless bez-dno-ju
bottomlessly bez-dno-uo
bottoms dno-s
bought kup-ilju
boulder balvan
boulders balvan-is
boulder-sized balvan-vel-ju
bounce ot-skacx-it
bounce back vzad-skacx
bounces ot-skacx-is
bound granc-ilju
boundaries granc-is
boundary granc
bounds granc-is
bounty sxtedr-ost
bounty hunter nagrad-lov-itel
bounty hunters nagrad-lov-itel-is
bouquet buket
bouquets buket-is
bout napad
bouts napad-is
Bouvet Island Buvet-ostrov
bovine goviad 
bovines goviad-is
bow luk 
bow down poklon-it
bow to pod-dava-t
bowel vnutren 
bowels vnutren-is
bowing down poklon-enie
bowings down poklon-enie-s
bowl miska
bowling kegla-nie
bowling alley kegla-trasa
bowling alleys kegla-trasa-s
bowling green kegla-trava
bowls miska-s
bows luk-is
box krob
boxer bokser-nik
boxers bokser-nik-is
boxes krob-is
boxing bokser-enie
boy mlod-ic
boycott boikot
boycotting boikot-enie
boycotting boikot-itsju
boycotts boikot-is
boyfriend priatel-ic
boyfriends priatel-ic-is
boyhood mlod-ost
boys mlod-ic-is
boyscout camp dete-tabor
bra grudin-odev
bra strap grudin-odev-ju remen
brace skrep-ka
brace for gotov-it dla
brace up podpor-it
braced for pred-gotov-ilju dla
bracelet ruka-kole
bracelets ruka-kole-s
braces podpor-is
braces skrep-ka-s
brackish pol-sol-ju
brag hvasta-t
bragging hvasta-nie
braggings hvasta-nie-s
braid s-plet-enie
braided s-plet-ilju
braids s-plet-enie-s
brain mozg
brain concussion tras mozg-uf
brain concussions mozg-tras-is
brain dead mozg=mertv-ju
brain hemorrhage mozg-ju krev-tecx
brain hemorrhages mozg-ju krev-tecx-is
brain teaser mozg-uzbud-ivo
brain teasers mozg-uzbud-ivo-s
brain tumour mozg-opuhol
brain tumours mozg-opuhol-is
brain washing mozg-cxist-enie
braindrain mozg-drenazx
brain-drain mozg-drenazx
braindraining mozg-drenazx
brain-hemorrhage mozg-krev-tecx
brain-hemorrhages mozg-krev-tecx-is
brainpower mozg-sila
brains mozg-is
brain-tumor mozg-opuh-ol
brain-tumors mozg-opuh-ol-is
brainwash mozg-cxist-it
brainwashable mozg-cxist-imju
brainwork mozg-trud
brainy hitr-ju
brake medl-ok
brakes medl-ok-is
bran otrubi
brand znak 
branded zva-lju
branding zva-nie
brandings zva-nie-s
brandish maha-t
brandishing maha-tsju
brands znak-is
branch vetka
branch office filial
branch offices filial-is
branch out raz-vetka-t
branches vetka-s
bras grudin-odev-is
Brasilia Brasil-ia
brass zxolt-miedz
brave hrabr-ju
bravely smel-uo
braveries hrabr-ost-is
bravery hrabr-ost
bravo! bravo!
brawl draka
brawls draka-s
brawn muskul-is
brazen derz-ju
brazenfaced derz-ju
brazenly derz-uo
Brazil Brazil-ia
Brazil, Russia, India and China BRICx
brazilian  brazil-ju
bread hleb
bread crumb hleb-krusx-ka
bread crumbs hleb-krusxkas
bread crumbs hleb-krusx-ka-s
bread oven hlebju pecxina
breads hleb-is
breadth sxir-ost
breadths sxir-ost-is
breach raz-lom
breach of security narusxenie bezopasostuf
breached na-rusx-ilju
breaches raz-lom-is
breaching na-rusx-enie
breachings na-rusx-enie-s
break lom
break away ot-lom-it
break diplomatic relations raz-rusx-it diplomat-ju otnosenies
break down raz-rusx
break downs raz-rusx-is
break in v-lom-it
break in half raz-lom-it
break into v-lom-it
break off ot-lom-it
break out start-it
break seal raz-lom-it pecxat
break the back slomit hrebet
break through pro-lom-it
break up raz-lom-it
break window razlomit okno
breakable lom-im-ju
breakaway ot-lom
breakaways ot-lom-is
breakdown raz-rusx
breakdowns raz-rusx-is
breaker lom-volna
breakers lom-volna-s
breakfast utro-eda
breakfasts utro-eda-s
breakneck bistr-ju
break-neck bistr-ju
breaks lom-is
breakthrough pro-lom
breakthroughs pro-lom-is
break-up raz-lom
break-ups raz-lom-is
breast sisk
breasts sisk-is
breath diha-nie
breathe diha-t
breathe in vdiha-t
breathe independently diha-t ne-zavis-uo
breathe out izdiha-t
breathless bez-diha-ju
breathtaking uzbud-itsju
bred s-para-lju
breed sort
breeding raz-mnozx-itsju
breeding ground raz-mnozx-isxtie
breeding grounds raz-mnozx-isxtie-s
breeds sort-is
breeze mal-vitr
breezes mal-vitr-is
breezy vitr-ju
Breg Breg
Bregenz Bregenc
brew pivo
brewer pivo-var-nik
breweries pivo-zavod-is
brewers pivo-var-nik-is
brewery pivo-zavod
brewing pivo-var-enie
brews pivo-s
bribe podkup-it
bribed podkup-ilju
bribery podkup-enie
bribing podkup-enie
bribings podkup-enie-s
brick ciglin
brick layer ciglin-ar
brick layers ciglin-ar-is
bricks ciglin-is
bride nevesta
bridegroom zxenih
bridegrooms zxenih-is
brides nevesta-s
bride's nevesta-voi
bridge most
bridge collapse zaval mostuf
bridge over Mississippi river most cxrez reka Misisip
bridge player brigx-igratel
bridges most-is
bridle uzda
bridles uzda-s
brief krat-ju
briefing o-glos-enie
briefings o-glos-enie-s
briefly krat-uo
brigade brigad
brigades brigad-is
brigadier brigadir-nik
brigadier general brigadir-general-nik
brigadiers brigadir-nik-is
brigand razboi-nik
brigandage razboi-nie
brigands razboi-nik-is
bright jasn-ju
bright light jasnju svetlo
bright lights jasnju svetlo-s
brighten svet-ju-vit
brightly svet-uo
brightness svet-ost
brilliance blest-enie
brilliant blest-itsju
brilliant vel-dobr-ju
brim krai
brims krai-s
brimstone sulfur
brine rasol
bring pri-nes-it
bring about pricxin-it
bring back vernu-t
bring back memory vernut pamiat
bring closer pri-bliz-it
bring down s-val-it
bring to a standstill paraliz-it
bring together so-tisk-it
bring up vospita-t
bringing pri-nes-enie
bringing of sacrifice zxertva-pri-nes-enie
bringing up vospita-nie
brink gran
brink of war krai voinaf
brinkmanship rizik-polit-ia
brinkmanships rizik-polit-ia-s
brinks gran-is
brisk bistr-ju
briskly bistr-uo
Brit Brit-nik
Britain Brit-zem
british   brit-ju
British Colombia Brit-kolomb-ia
British Commonwealth Brit-ju So-drug-ie
British Commonwealth Games Igras Britju Sodrugief
British Commonwealth Games Igras Britju So-drugief
British Commonwealth of Nations Britju Sodrugie Narodifs
British Indian Ocean Territory Britju Ind-Okeanju Oblast
British Isles Brit-ju Ostrov-is
British Kingdom Britzemju Korolstvo
British Transplantation Society Britzemju Transplantju Socialgrup
britishness brit-zem-ost
Briton Brit-nik
Britons Brit-nik-is
Brits Brit-nik-is
brittle lom-imju
brittleness lom-imost
broad sxir-ju
broadcast pere-dava
broadcasted pere-dava-lju
broadcasting pere-dava-nie
broadcastings pere-dava-nie-s
broadcasts pere-dava-s
broaden sxir-it
broadened raz-sxir-ilju
broadening raz-sxir-enie
broadenings raz-sxir-enie-s
broadminded sxir-misl-ju
broadmindedness sxir-misl-ost
brochure brosxur
brochures brosxur-is
broil zxar-it
broke bankrot-ju
broken lom-ilju
broken down raz-rusx-ilju
broken glass lom-ilju sklo
broken hearted zxal-ju
broken through raz-rva-lju
broken up raz-lom-ilju
brokered posred-ilju
bromine brom
bronchi bronhi
bronchial bronhi-ju
bronchitis bronhi-bolez
bronze bronz
bronze age bronz-era
bronze shark bronzju zxrakula
brook pri-tok
brooks pri-tok-is
broom metla
brooms metla-s
brothel kurva-dom
brothels kurva-dom-is
brother brat
brotherhood brat-stvo
brotherhoods brat-stvo-s
brother-in-law svekr-brat
brothers brat-is
brothers-in-law svekr-brat-is
brought pri-nes-ilju
brought about pricxin-il
brought up vospita-l
brown kasxtan-cvet-ju
brownish mal-kasxtan-ju
bruise siniak
bruised siniak-ju
bruiser buin-nik
bruisers buin-nik-is
bruises siniak-is
bruising siniak
bruisings siniak-is
Brunean Brune-ian
Bruneans Brune-ian-is
Brunei Darussalam Brune-ia
bruneish brune-ju
brunette brunet-ju
brunette man brunet-nic
brunette men brunet-nic-is
brunette person brunet-nik
brunette persons brunet-nik-is
brunette woman brunet-nica
brunette women brunet-nica-s
brush cxetka
brush teeth zub-cxetka-t
brushes cxetka-s
brushfire kust-pozxar
brushfires kust-pozxar-is
brushwood zarosla
Brussel brusel-ju
brussel sprouts brusel-kapusta
Brussels Brusel
brut suh-ju
brutal zver-zlo-ju
brutal act zver-zlo
brutal acts zver-zlo-s
brutal person zver-nik
brutal persons zver-nik-is
brutalities zver-zlo-s
brutality zver-zlo
brutalize brutal-it
brutally zver-zlo-uo
bryndza brindza
bs lga
bubble pena-t
bubbling pena-tsju
bubbly vesel-ju
bubbly personality vesel-ju osoba-nost
bubonic bubon-ju
bubonic plague bubon-ju cxuma
Bucarest Buharest
buck jelen-ic
buck naked poln-uo gol-ju
buck the trend protistanit tendencia
bucket vedro
bucketful poln-vedro-ju
buckets vedro-s
buckle spin-ka
buckles spin-ka-s
bucks jelen-ic-is
buckwheat grecxa
buckwheats grecxa-s
bud pucxka
Budapest Budapesxt
buddhism Budha-izm
buddhist Budha-ist
Buddhist monastery Budhaistju monahdom
buddhists Budha-ist-is
buddies drug-is
budding pucxka-tsju
buddy drug
budge u-skacx-it
budger u-skacx-nik
budgers u-skacx-nik-is
budget bugxet
budget airline bugxet vozduh-lina
budget deadlock bugxet-ju bez-hod
budget deadlocks bugxet-ju bez-hod-is
budget deficit sxtat-bugxet-ju deficit
budget deficits sxtat-bugxet-ju deficit-is
budgetary bugxet-ju
budgeted bugxet-ilju
budgeting bugxet-enie
budgets bugxet-is
budging u-skacx-itsju
buds pucxka-s
Buenos Aires Buenos-Aires
buffer bufer
buffer zone bufer-ju zona
buffer zones bufer-ju zona-s
buffers bufer-is
bug muha-k
bugs muha-k-is
Bucharest Bukarest
build budov-it
builder budov-itel
builders budov-itel-is
build-in vklucx-it
building budov
building block kloda
building blocks kloda-s
building collapse dom-zaval
building collapses dom-zaval-is
building industries budov-promisl-is
building industry budov-promisl
building material budov-mater-ia
building materials budov-mater-ia-s
building permit budov-propusk
building permits budov-propusk-is
building site budov-isxtie
building sites budov-isxtie-s
buildings budov-is
built budov-ilju
built-in vklucx-ilju
bulb bulba
bulbaceous bulba-ju
bulbous bulba-ju
bulbs bulba-s
Bulgaria Bulgar-ia
bulgarian bulgar-ju
Bulgarian language Bulgar-io
bulge vipukl-ie
bulges vipukl-ie-s
bulging vipukl-ju
bull bik
bulldoze buldozer-it
bulldozer buldozer
bulldozers buldozer-is
bullet kulka
bullet proof ne-pere-strel-ju
bulletin biuleten
bulletins biuleten-is
bullets kulka-s
bullied strasx-itju
bullies tiran-ist-is
bullish bik-ju
bulls bik-is
bullshit lga
bully tiran-ist
bullying strasx-enie
bullyings strasx-enie-s
bum leniv-nik
bumblebee cxmel
bumble-bee cxmel
bumblebees cxmel-is
bumble-bees cxmel-is
bump vipukl-ie
bumps vipukl-ie-s
bumpy ne-rovn-ju
bums leniv-nik-is
bundle soiuz
bundles soiuz-is
bungle zlo-trud-it
bungler zlo-trud-nik
bunglers zlo-trud-nik-is
bungling zlo-trud-enie
bunglings zlo-trud-enie-s
bunch sviaz
bunches sviaz-is
bunker bunker
bunker-bomb bunker-bomb
bunker-bombs bunker-bomb-is
bunkers bunker-is
bunnies zaiac-is
bunny zaiac
buoy baken
buoyancy plov-imost
buoyant plov-itsju
buoyed pod-derzx-ilju
buoys baken-is
bur kol-ka
burden brem
burdens brem-is
burdensome ne-sklad-ju
bureau ofis
bureaucracy biurokrat-ia
bureaucrat biurokrat-nik
bureaucratic biurokrat-ju
bureaucratically biurokrat-uo
bureaucrats biurokrat-nik-is
burette bureta
burettes bureta-s
burg gradok
burgeon pro-kvit-it
burgeon rast-it
burgeoned rast-il
burgeoning rast-itsju
burglar v-lom-nik
burglaries v-lom-enie-s
burglarize v-lom-it
burglars v-lom-nik-is
burglary v-lom-enie
burgs gradok-is
burial grob-enie
burial-ground grob-isxtie
burial-grounds grob-isxtie-s
burial-place grob-isxtie
burial-places grob-isxtie-s
burials grob-enie-s
buried pod-grob-ilju
burka voal
burkas voal-is
Burkina Faso Burkinafaso
burlesque hohot-ju
Burma Mianmar
burman   Mianmar-ju
Burmanese Burma-n
burn pal-it
burn down pozxar-it
burn down, totally polnuo pozxarit
burned pal-ilju
burning pal-enie
burnings pal-enie-s
burp riga-t
burped riga-l
burper riga-tel
burpers riga-tel-is
burping riga-nie
burr kol-ka
burro osel
burros osel-is
burrow nora
burrowed kopa-lju
burrowing kopa-nie
burrowing rodent nora-tsju grizver
burrowing rodents nora-tsju grizver-is
burrowings kopa-nie-s
burrows nora-s
burrs kol-ka-s
burs kol-ka-s
burst vibuh
burst into vtorga-t
burst its banks peretecxit svoi bregis
burst out pere-tecx-it
bursts vibuh-is
Burundean Burund-ian
Burundeans Burund-ian-is
Burundi Burund-ia
burundish burund-ju
bury za-kopa-t
bus autobus 
bus station autobus-ju stanc-ia
bus stations autobus-ju stanc-ia
bus stop autobus-o-stan-ka
bus stops autobus-o-stan-ka-s
buses autobus-is
bush mal-drev
bush fire kust-pozxar
bush fires kust-pozxar-is
bushes mal-drev-is
bushy gust-ju
busiest nai-pere-poln-ju
busily zana-tuo
business torg
business and economic torg-ekonom-ju
business centers biznes-centr-is
business centre biznes-centr
business confidence biznes-dover-ie
business deal torg-ju dogvor
business deals torg-ju dogvor-is
business elite torg-elita
business elites torg-elita-s
business management torg-ju upravl-enie
business organization biznes-organizac-ia
business organizations torgju organizacias
business person torg-nik
business persons torg-nik-is
business practice torg-ju postupa-nie
business practices torg-ju postupa-nie
business zone torg-zona
business zones torg-zona-s
businesses torg-is
businesslike torg-ju
businessman biznes-nik
businessmen biznes-nik-is
businessperson torg-nik
businesspersons torg-nik-is
businesswoman torg-nica
businesswomen torg-nica-s
bussing pere-autobus-enie
bust grudin
busted lom-ilju
bustily vel-grudin-uo
bustle spesx-it
bustling spesx-ju
busts grudin-is
busty vel-grudin-ju
busy zana-tju
but no
butcher miaso-rez-nik
butchers miaso-rez-nik-is
butt o-pal-ok
butt out gas-it
butte krut-ju gora
butted out gas-ilju
butter maslo
butterflies motil-is
butterfly motil
buttermilk maslo-mlek
butters maslo-s
buttery maslo-ju
button knopka
button up za-knopka-t
buttons knopka-s
butts o-pal-ok-is
buy kup-it
buyer kup-itel
buyers kup-itel-is
buy-out zakup
buys kup-ijt
buzz zvon-it
buzz off! utrat-ij!
by pri
by air na letidlo
by airplane na krilolet
by boat na lodka
by car na voz
by design u-misl-uo
by far dalk-uo
by foot na nogis
by force nasil-uo
by himself sam
by itself sam-stoin-uo
by lying lezx-its
by means of posred
by myself sam
by phone posred telefon
by ship na korab
by the way mezx-in
by walking hod-its
bye-bye procxta-nie
bye-byes procxta-nie-s
bypass ob-arter-enie
by-pass ob-arter-enie
bypass surgeries ob-arter-ju hirurg-ia-s
bypass surgery ob-arter-ju hirurg-ia
bypasses ob-arter-enie-s
by-passes ob-arter-enie-s
byproduct bok-produkt
by-product bok-produkt
byproducts bok-produkt-is
by-products bok-produkt-is
bystander pesx-nik
bystanders pesx-nik-is
byzantine bizant-ju
Byzantine Empire